Sunday, April 6, 2008

News Report: Real Life Gold Seller Conference, New York Times looks at RMT

Following a news report in the New York Times by Julian Dibbell. In his previously released book "Play Money" the author already shared his personal experience as a seller of Ultima Online gold. In the NYT Dibbell exposes the life of Li Qiwen and other Chinese gold farmers who work twelve hours a night and seven nights a week. This article is one of the best detailed and most vivid description of a gold farmer`s life.

Another interesting resource on this topic s Ge Jin`s research from May 2006. During his field research, he went to investigate four gold farms in China which ran 24/7 with two shifts of workers. Both, Julian and Ge observed a similar atmosphere of strange enjoyment by the farmers even though their jobs were considered to be in a "sweat shop" environment. For most people making merely US$40 to US$200 per month is little, but for the farmers this is just enough to make a living in China. Ge Jin`s next plan is to make a full feature documentary on this topic.

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