Friday, December 22, 2023

Dark Age of Camelot Celebrates the Season with Midwinter Festival Activities


The Midwinter Festival in "Dark Age of Camelot" brings a festive blend of traditional holiday cheer and unique fantasy elements. This year's event includes a variety of seasonal tasks, both new and returning, offering players an array of activities and rewards.

The Icy Dredd Battlegroup Encounter

One of the highlights of the Midwinter Festival is the Icy Dredd battlegroup encounter. Players face off against one of three formidable ice-themed adversaries. Successful completion of this challenge rewards players with a crate full of goodies. These crates can contain a range of items, including potions, cross-realm trophies, free cash shop items, and festive mounts.

A Variety of Wintry Activities

The festival offers more than just the Icy Dredd encounter. Players can immerse themselves in a range of activities:

  • Festive Plaza Challenges: A special area where players can participate in various challenges.
  • Frozen Cavern Event: An event that adds a touch of adventure to the holiday season.
  • Traveling Merchants: Offering unique items and goods for a limited time.
  • Battleground Presents: Scattered across the game world for players to find and collect.
  • Christmastime Quests: A series of themed quests that add to the festive atmosphere.

12 Days of Midwinter Login Rewards

Adding to the holiday spirit, the 12 Days of Midwinter login rewards are making a return. Starting Thursday, December 21st, players can log in to receive their first freebie, with subsequent rewards available each day.

A Familiar Yet Festive Experience

While much of this year's Midwinter Festival may be familiar to regular players, it continues to offer a fun and festive experience. The event's blend of holiday traditions and fantasy elements, like slaying frost-coated evil entities, provides a unique twist on the typical holiday celebrations.


The Midwinter Festival in "Dark Age of Camelot" is a testament to the game's ability to blend traditional holiday themes with its unique fantasy world. With a variety of activities and rewards, the festival offers something for every player, whether they're battling ice demons or collecting festive goodies. As the holiday season progresses, players can look forward to enjoying all that the Midwinter Festival has to offer.

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