Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Is there any other game developing company that is greedier than NcSoft ? I redownloaded Lineage2 and was so dissapointed and disgusted by their predatory cash shop...

So I have a long, mostly fun, history with NcSoft. I have played, and loved, Lineage2 for 12 years.

I quit sometimes after Goddess of Destruction Chronicle was released, and, last week I decided, fueled by nostalgia, lack of mmos to pvp in, quarantine, whatever, to give the Lineage2 Classic server a go. I downloaded the NA version, that is managed by NcWest, a branch of NcSoft.

Got in the game, that Dion theme hit me straight in the feels like a freaking wrecking ball.... Played for a few days, learned the ropes just to find out the game is only a shadow of a once great if not greatest open world pvp mmo to date, a game now plagued by predatory cash shop tactics....

The cash shop is FILLED with pay2win items. Capes that gives stats, brooches that gives stats, transformations that gives stats, talisman bracelet that holds several talismans that, you guessed it, gives stats. Everything you can think of that boosts your stats are in the cash shop. All of these in a game where the monthly fee is switched to a "optional" VIP system that goes up to lvl 10 according to how much you spend in the cash shop.

But wait, there is more, the VIP tiers gives you preks, the higher they go with 10 being max VIP lvl, even PVP extra dmg perk .

And this is not all, for you guys who are familiar with Lineage2, do you remember the soulshots, those consumables that made you hit harder in pvp and pve and were crafted by dwarf classes ? Well they removed the ability to craft them and are as of now a cash shop ONLY consumable. Swipe to use soulshots like you would swipe to use bullets in Entropia Universe.....

I mean, i get it, servers need money to be kept alive, developing teams need to be paid, but HOLLY FUCK, on a game that "orbits" around open world PvP, to add all those pay2win systems that literally splits community into whales and commoners, this is the worst form of predatory cash shops i have seen to date.

To date i was thinking that Blade&Soul, another NcSoft mmo, is the king of pay2win, but i was wrong...nothing i have played beats Lineage2 model of pay2win, advertised as a f2p game....

Are we, the mmorpg lovers, doomed to play games with such predatory cash shops or is there a light at the end of the tunnel ?

Sorry for the long rant but i felt the need to vent after seeing that horrific pay2win disguised under a "truly f2p model"...
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Monday, April 27, 2020

Lonely MMO gamer life. Who else is (ironically) with me?

I don’t know what it is about me that makes me choose to be alone most of the time when playing MMOs and even other online games. My instincts tell me it’s my anxiety because for some insane reason, I feel pressure and actual social anxiety FAR worse with video games than I do in real life.

The first question I generally have to ask myself with a MMO, either new or one that I’m returning to, is how well can I/am I intended to be able to solo most of this game? Naturally this leads me to not only miss out on raiding and “hard mode” sorts of activities but also the entire social element—and what some would say is much of the entire point—of MMORPGs.

I think a lot also has to do with commitment. I have a really hard time in my life with feeling well enough to do things. Sometimes that’s even playing games myself. I have agoraphobia, really severe anxiety and panic disorder, and a whole ton of phobias. Social interaction was never one of those phobias, though, as I’m a big talker and I always used to make a lot of friends easily.

But if I made friends in online games, then they would invariably ask me to play again. Often it even becomes almost scheduled, like we’re going to play this game every weeknight at X time for Y amount of hours. I panic thinking about if I can commit to that time and ultimately decide that it’s better just not to commit to it at all.

And then there’s voice chat! I’m one of those people who talks like crazy in real life and who everyone volunteers to call in takeout orders or call tech support, and I’ve even been on podcasts and done voice acting and various things, but then at the same time I’m the guy who’s in a cold sweat panicking and trying not to breathe while I attempt to unplug my microphone if I accidentally left it plugged in for an online game or even just social Discord. I just don’t know what it is.

I think another part of it is that I used to be really close with my younger brother and we’d just play all online stuff together by default, often with another friend of ours, but he found a girlfriend less than a year ago and essentially forced her to become a “gamer girl” for him and he ended up replacing me with her in all online games, including Destiny 2 which we’d play together for years and years since the first game. So I think if I’m trying to head shrink myself, being tossed aside like that likely did a number on my already nonexistent self-esteem. But alas, what do I know.

I’m sure the answer is yes, but is anyone else a bit like me? Have you found a way to overcome it/do you care to, or do you continue along living the solo life? I’m really curious about this and often am, but never wanted to bother putting myself out there to see who can relate.

But hey, here I am. :)
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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

If you were ever interested in the Warhammer mmorpg, now Is the best time to play!

Warhammer return of Reckoning is crazy fun.

I'm still a low level but tier 1 is so populated. I tried to play months ago but the population of was sparse. There is a giant boom in population. I'm so shocked by the population I had to make a post.

It's a 60v60 battle and it's pretty incredible. The player collision makes a difference.

For anyone who is scraping the bottom of the barrel of the genre. This is an absolute gem right now.

I think the population maybe higher than it was in retail.

WAR's private server isn't exactly like retail though, but it's absolutely engaging and interesting, and it's one of the few places where you can earn gear by playing and feel great about that fact- not everyone loves that, but those who do, man, where else you gonna even go?

Plus the asymmetric classes across factions are super hot.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Star Wars Slots Are Highly Popular and This is Why

Star Wars is without doubt one of the biggest franchises of modern times. Millions of people all over the world are huge Star Wars fans and in 2020 it was estimated that the franchise is worth a staggering 70 billion dollars, with 10 billion of this coming from the films alone. Star Wars related items are always popular and Star Wars slot games have been no exception to this rule, that is for sure.

Star Wars Slot Games

The first Star Wars slot games were introduced at Las Vegas casinos a couple of decades ago. Star Wars fans that loved to gamble loved the idea of being able to play Star Wars themed slot games, but the first versions were not as big a hit as expected as they were lacking in a few key areas. For instance, some popular characters were missing, and the graphics were a bit poor to say the least. 

The casinos were more than likely aware of this fact, which is why they made the decision to release them in land-based casinos first. However, with time, vast improvements were made, and they became really popular.

What Makes Star Wars Slots So Popular?

Well, to begin with, Star Wars fans will be able to find their favourite characters from the Star Wars Trilogy. Furthermore, fans of the movies can use their extensive Star Wars knowledge to put together some great combinations that will improve your odds of winning. When it comes to this feature, you have to take you hat off to the software developers. Not only did they take the complaints onboard and fix them, but they also added a feature that would benefit those who are huge fans of the franchise. For instance, with Jedi skills you can win cash prizes in the swamp by making use of a play skill that is known as levitation.

If this was not enough, all Star Wars slots are linked to form one huge jackpot. The more people that play the slots and do not win the jackpot, the bigger it will become. This is great as it gives all Star War fans a chance to win some life-changing sums of money while playing a game that they love. 

There was a negative with these newly revamped slots and that was that the minimum stake was 25c a spin. This might not seem like much, but it can certainly add up if you happen to play for a long period of time. However, that issue was soon sorted and now you can play for as little as 1c per spin.

Star Wars Slots Have Been Discontinued

Star War Slots were extremely popular, and fans of the franchise eagerly awaited the release of another one. However, their hopes and dreams were crushed when Disney purchased the franchise for $4 billion back in 2012.

Everyone knows that Disney do not agree with gambling, so when they bought the rights for the franchise, every Star Wars fan probably knew deep down that Disney would never allow a new Star Wars slot game to be produced.
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The Top Three Most Popular and Profitable Progressive Slot Games

Progressive slot games are your big chance at getting that mega real money win you have always wanted. A lot of the big money winners online have made their winnings from playing online progressive lost tournaments.

All you have to do for online casino progressive slots is enter the lot tournament. After the wagers start rising for each level therefore giving you a chance at winning even more.

Here is a list of some of the most profitable and popular progressive slot games you could try out will attempting to win that real money online.

Mega Moolah

Topping the list mega moolah. The progressive online slot game lives up to its name and expectations. Surely, you are guaranteed to make mega money deals from this online slot.

The jackpot for this progressive slot game usually starts at a massive $ 1 million dollars! It is regarded as the most popular online slot game because of its well known generosity.

The Microgaming game is also very accommodating when it comes to wagering. The lowest wager starts at $0.01 per line and riches $0.05. The maximum bet is just $6.25.
Mega Fortune

This one is Net Entertainment’s way of giving online gamblers a better chance at winning that real money online.

This slot game allows you a feel of the high life by using a Yacht as a wild symbol while the scatter symbol is a champagne bottle.

What better way of preparing you for that high life you will get after winning their megabucks!

Jackpot Giant

Imagine a big giant handing you that real money while you play. Well, this Playtech game has such an interesting and fun theme for its players.

Also, the 5 reel and 50 pay lines game comes with some of the best graphics, bonuses and interesting symbols as expected of all Playtech Games.


Now that you know the top three progressive slot games that guarantee you of all the mega wins, the ball is now in your court. Remember, when it comes to online casinos, the more effort and research, the more your chances of cashing in.
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