Saturday, December 16, 2023

A Magical RIFTmas: Celebrating the Holiday Season in the World of Telara


The festive season has arrived in the world of Telara, and with it comes "A Magical RIFTmas," an event filled with joy, gifts, and community engagement for players of the popular MMORPG, RIFT. This year, the event promises to bring a plethora of activities and surprises, ensuring that the holiday spirit is alive and well in the virtual realm.

12 Days of Telara: A Gift-Giving Fiesta

RIFTmas kicks off with the "12 Days of Telara," a daily gift-giving extravaganza that started on December 15 and will run until December 26, 2023. Each day, players are treated to amazing gifts, enhancing their gaming experience. For instance, on the second day, players received 100 Credits, RIFT's premium currency, which can be used to purchase various items, mounts, companion pets, bag slots, and more. This daily surprise element adds an exciting layer to the game during the holiday season.

Dimension Contest: A Cozy Winter Home

In the spirit of the season, RIFT has introduced the "Dimension Contest: A Cozy Winter Home." This contest invites players to decorate their favorite snowy or cozy dimension in-game. Participants are encouraged to take screenshots of their creations and submit them through Discord or social media platforms using the hashtag #RIFTCozyHome, along with their Character Name and Shard.

The contest has a few rules to ensure fair play and appropriateness, such as adherence to the "Warm and Cozy" theme and prohibition of offensive content. Up to three winners will be rewarded with 3000 Credits each. The submission period ends on January 5, 2024, with winners announced on January 15.

RIFTmas Trivia: Test Your Knowledge

Adding to the festivities is the RIFTmas Trivia, a challenge that tests players' knowledge of the game and its community. Participants can join the trivia through a link provided on the event page. Like the Dimension Contest, this trivia challenge also offers a reward of 3000 Credits to up to three participants. Winners will be announced on the official Discord server on December 29, 2023.


"A Magical RIFTmas" is a testament to the vibrant and engaging community that RIFT has fostered over the years. Through events like these, the game not only celebrates the holiday season but also strengthens the bonds among its players. Whether it's through gift-giving, creative contests, or trivia challenges, RIFTmas ensures that the spirit of the season permeates the world of Telara, making it a truly magical experience for all Ascended.

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