Monday, June 19, 2017

Why you will hate Black Desert Online

I am one of the biggest fan boys of this game, played for the good portion of the last year, GM of a casual style pvp guild. I have had a lot of members come and go from this game due to a ton of various reasons. And while I DO suggest this game to anyone who wants to try it, I will list the reasons why people WILL dislike the game.

P2W arguement - BDO fans will cringe when reading this but it is a concern to many of the playerbase. Base price of the game is $10, but it should be considered an entry fee. If you truely like the game then yes, you should probably spend additional money. Keep in mind the money spent is up to what you want to do. If you want to fish, probably want inventory, if you want to life skill, probably want a processing suit, if you grind a lot, probably want pets. People put crazy price tags out there because that is what they spent. I spent a lot of money on this game because I chose to, but never felt like I needed to. Coming from games like AA and Skyfrog where you needed to pay to even keep up to players that can not be said of bdo. The biggest questionably item is Artisans Memory, which does reduce repair costs which can save you a TON of money in the long haul. Selling cash shop items on the marketplace has little or no affect on the game, and the majority of the people who do it are trying to get a friend a costume they want. So there are benefits to being a wallet warrior, but in the end the game if very very very play to win. The person who spends more time in the game will be stronger, no matter how you slice it.

Server Lag - Right now this is the BIGGEST issue with BDO. Even for top end computers servers are way too overloaded and need serious work. There are times in the game where the lag can be devastating, especially around 8pm - 10pm est. This was not always the case with the game, so we are hoping there is some relief, especially with the amount of money they made on steam.

CPU issues - I had to completely upgrade my computer for this game. Most gamers have pretty decent graphics cards but this game will require a lot of ram usage. People will complain about popping in a bunch as well, depending on your spec it will be more prevalant.

Lack of Dungeons/Raids. This game does not have dungeons or raids. There are maybe 3 grind areas currently that require a party to be efficient because they are the "dungeons." All bis gear are just drops from random mobs in grind areas.

Lack of group content. While this may change in the future, there is little reason to group up in this game. To min/max experience, groups can be good for that, but you will make less money rather then solo. Main group content is node wars and pvp. A good guild that is able to create its own content is suggested.

PvP - This game does focus on pvp on its major end game content, otherwise why spend in all the countless hours grinding and making money. Some people do not like being attacked in the open world, for little to no reason other then entering someones spot.

Gear Dependant PvP - Having decent gear is mandatory in this game for pvp. Doesn't need to be best in slot anything, but around 400-450 gear score would be considered minimum. Similar to being max level in another mmo would be important. People often hear BDO PvP being filled with one shot mechanics, and that is not very far from the truth. Two extremely geared players will be doing almost a chess match of who can hit there cc and try and one combo a player. Think of it this way, if its your first boxing match and you keep your gloves down, youll probably be knocked out in one hit. Skilled pvp does exist and good fights are fast paced and enjoyable.

Class Balance - Not all classes are great in node wars. Balance always changes in MMO's but they don't plan to nerf any classes, just buff others. This sometimes infuriates a player when they get to endgame and there class is not seen as meta. All classes are fine as long as you have gear.

The Level Grind - Ok, people hate the grind, I get that. Personally I hate being told to go kill 500 mobs for a quest, when Id rather just kill the mobs I want. But thats beside the point. Level 56 is pretty easy to obtain where you get your awakening weapon. Id say roughly 8 hours of gameplay, maybe 10-12 for new new players. After that leveling isn't crazy important. Around level 58 you get basically all of your skills. Most players hit the wall when you hit 56 then see level 57 start taking forever. Its not meant to happen in a week, even though some people do it that way.

Lack of Instant Gratification - This game is a marathon and not a sprint. I often critisize the game for being almost too play 2 win. Logging on every day is the most important thing you can do to progress your characters. People are used to normal mmos where you can hardcore for a week, get to end game and be able to be on the level of most players, just need to go grind out some dungeons, but you have your starter end game set. Not in BDO. It will take a good month for a new player, even if playing hard, to start reaching starter end game gear.

Punishing RNG - So RNG isn't as bad in BDO as it is in Archeage. It can be very very expensive to get your gear upgraded but armor and weapons do not "break." Accessories do though. 0 to +15 for weapon and armors only destroy max durability which can be repaired but can be expensive depending on the piece. Pri can not down grade, Duo can not downgrade, Going to Tri will downgrade to Pri on fail, going to Tet will downgrade to Duo on fail, going to Pen will downgrade to Tri on fail. Tri gear for armor and weapons is what people will shoot for, and the idea of your gear downgrading does hurt. Accesories will break on any fail, and you can blow billions in a day without getting any increase. You can USUSALLY buy starter upgrades, such as duo accesories (through pre-order) and tri basic armor. With the influx of new players there is a shortage. There are plenty of players who refuse to RNG at all with there gear and buy everything.

Leaving your CPU on 24/7 - Game has too many afk activities that you feel obligated to always leave your cpu on. This is a plus to people who work a lot who feel they can still progress even if not home, but can be a negative if you dont want to leave your cpu running all the time.

Lack of Direction - This game basically says to you, go make money. You can do it in a number of different ways, fishing, processing, gathering, alchemy, cooking, horse training, hunting, grinding, boss hunting, trading, farming, or just getting a ton of contribution and making a worker empire. You would need to figure out what you love to do, or dabble in a bit of everything. Game is in is basic form a money making simulator. There are not quests that are required, there is nothing that you have to do, besides one black spirit quest at 49 to unlock level 50.

Comparing your progress to others - People compare what they have done to others and get discouraged. It can take a long time to get even one upgrade and sometimes there are a few set backs in the road. You never have to be the best, and you probably won't. But making small goals certainly helps stay focused.

I understand if these are the reasons you stopped playing or didn't like BDO. The game by no means is perfect. It is certainly my favorite MMO out at the moment, as are a few people in this subreddit. After a year the majority of players have made up there mind on this game one way or another. I am just curious as to what the reason is that you hated BDO?
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

'Wild West Online' MMO could be over before it starts

So like many of you, I am extremely interested in WWO. It has given us hope that while we probably won't get Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC for a while, we can at least play the next best thing.

However the game may possibly have heavy ties with the one and only Sergey Titov. This man is a con artist and the following video shows how he may be tied to the game and sheds some light on why you should avoid his 'games'.

 Hopefully this is not the case and everything stated in the video is just a coincidence. Developers have yet to confirm or deny Sergey's involvement.

To shed some light on who Sergey Titov is, he has been the lead developer on games that have been surrounded with controversy.

To mention a few, these include War Z, Infestation Survivor Stories, Shattered Skies, and Big Rigs Racing. These games always have attractive staged screenshots and the promise of big features.

However what the games are is extremely rushed (always a short development time) to cash in on other games successes - such as DayZ, and always reusing assets+animations+code, etc. All these projects are initially announced to not be P2W, however microtransactions and horrible P2W practices are implemented before the game is quickly abandoned. The games are always abandoned shortly after release, leaving them buggy, ugly and full of hackers.

The publishers are liquidated before being brought back as a 'New' company to cover their tarnished history. Forums are a dictatorship where any negative post or thread is removed and developers (even Sergey himself) referring to the playerbase as a bunch of 'fa**ots'. For me, what is one of the most shadiest moves to date is they stopped selling WarZ on steam, removed all trace of it from the store only to bring it back as 'Infestation Survivor Stories' to get a few more bucks from unsuspecting buyers.

Then, of course, they once again abandoned this game.

So interestingly enough, the engine has now been confirmed as the same as WarZ's, Infestation, etc. however they said that Sergey is NOT involved. They said they chose this engine because it provides good anti-hacking measures (false) and out-of-the-box features for an MMO. They then deleted the thread and a bunch of posts that they considered 'not contribution'.

So I started a new thread on the forum, being respectful expressing concerns over the engine they've chosen, especially when there is indie friendly engines that are more powerful and have a less bad reputation as Unreal. You know, starting a discussion and getting opinions.

The thread was closed and all existence has now been removed. I got no message stating why this is the case, but I had about 8 posts on the thread within an hour prior to removal. I then posted on another thread that was discussing at least the topic of threads/posts being removed as to whether people thought this was appropriate. I stated it was inappropriate to remove threads if they are being respectful, as long as a discussion was being provided.

Said thread was then locked, and I was issued a warning stating that I was spreading misleading information and to stop. I clearly stated that I was providing opinions based on factual situations. This is all extremely reminiscent of how every Sergey game forum have been run. I knew something like this could happen if I was being aggressive, so I was ACTIVELY remaining respectful wherever possible and stating I that I was only posting to gain other peoples thoughts.

 I have been an active contributor of forums for over 10 years, providing both aggressive and passive opinions, and this is the second time I've been dealt with a warning/ban. The first from WarZ forums for expressing concern. To me, this does not look good, therefor I can't say I believe them on denying Sergey's involvement.
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Monday, May 22, 2017

FFXI running return campaign/new free trial

FFXI is celebrating it's 15th anniversary and is running some campaigns.

All previous accounts can play for free until the 29th.

They started offering free 14 day trials again.

The complete collection is on sale for $10 until the 29th.

That and they're running lots of in-game events until the end of the month summarized here.

XI is an old game but there's some great storylines to play through either solo with Trust magic (like GW1 henchmen) or with a friend.

I've only been playing for a year, and am one of the rare few who's actually come to the game without any sense of nostalgia or previous expectations. It was totally overwhelming and I hated it at first, and now consider it to be the best game I've ever played. So, here are a few notes that people might find helpful.

Some people have a lot of trouble with PlayOnline and your initial account setup. Others don't. In any case, it's pretty cumbersome, and takes some close reading / menu navigation to figure out. Consider it your first boss.

The initial patching will take approximately eight hours, and probably more given how many people are coming back to the game during this campaign.

The PC control scheme basically emulates a PS2 controller, with your left hand being the left analog stick and your right being the right analog stick. If this doesn't sound appealing to you, I'd strongly recommend buying a cheap gamepad. The majority seem to play nice with FFXI. I use a Logitech F310.

FFXI is crawling with all different kinds of battle and quest systems. However, only some of them are really relevant to the new player, the big three being Trust, Unity, and Records of Eminence. Thankfully, the tutorial NPC takes you through all three of these. Completing the tutorial will get you set up with several NPC battle companions and a way to accumulate "sparks," which are a special currency used for basic equipment. Unity provides you with an additional Trust NPC and a method of fast travel to different places around Vana'diel, even ones you haven't yet visited. All of these make your initial steps a lot easier.

Start Rhapsodies of Vana'diel as soon as possible. Rhapsodies was the last major content update and "conclusion" to FFXI, but it's also a frame story that guides you through the base game and the five expansions. Progressing through Rhapsodies will take you through the entire FFXI story, and gives out permanent boosts to your experience point gain. Seriously, stick it out for the story, because it's fantastic.
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Just because an MMO doesn't have over a million players doesn't make its playerbase "weak" or "dying".

People  need to be setting the standard for how we speak of quality games. Aren't you getting tired of saying a game is "dying" because it doesn't have 10,000,000 players? Aren't our standards a little high because we've set an expectation of perfection?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been poured into games based on empty words and tricking you into thinking features of the game will be what triggers your nostalgia.

Games like Ultima Online are still around. How many people play that game? Seriously? Is it dead?

Eve Online has 30,000 players and I see people speaking of this like they are failing. Thirty thousand is more people than some city population, guys. Lighten up and show some grace to these companies.

I'm not writing this to offend you. Or shock you. I just feel like most people are correlating population (which is really marketing ability) with quality. 

Some games out there truly are great but the standard of your nostalgia- not the actual game you experienced back then, but your nostalgia- diminishes any opportunity of joy that you could find in a game that developers poured their hearts into.

That's all guys. Take it with a grain of salt, eh?
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Let's Talk Mechanic Ideas

I often spend some free time thinking about ideas for MMOs that will never come out. I was wondering if anyone else would want to share ideas. Some of mine include:
  • Identifying Magical Items. I imagine it to be a sort of puzzle mini game. Identifying whether an item has any Spells or Abilities on it would be important to determining its value.
  • Having Spells/Abilities as enchants that are attributed to specific pieces of gear. This is my solution to having a classless system while maintaining diversity instead of giving every ability out.
  • (Sort of inspired by MTG and other card games) Different 'tokens' that are consumed for spells instead of a mana-type resource. Different kinds of spells might require a certain amount of tokens of one type or a ratio of two types. This idea is to give builds in a classless system more identity. Some skills might have different effects if they use different kinds of tokens.
  • These tokens would have purpose beyond spell resource such as Currency and Crafting Material.

Anyways, that's just a few of my thoughts. I think it'd be an interesting discussion to talk about ideas. What genius have you been cooking up? Share your vision or feel free to pick brains for insight!
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Missing the times when MMOs simply launched

There was none of this pre-alpha access, pre launch name-grabbing, kickstarter scamming and similar drivel.

You had your game and it either had launched or it had not. Many games had open beta tests. A few had closed beta tests. A vanishing few had alpha tests (all such that I were in never launched).
Then the gliding soft launch cash shop mush where a game in Beta could no longer opt to roll back anything after a hackathon or bot infestation. Thoroughly bad choice in every respect other than generating a bit of a cash flow.

I like a game that launches. Closed beta has a wipe at end. Open beta has a wipe at end. Game is launched on live thoroughly tested.
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Monday, March 20, 2017

FFXIV: - 0 Bans, Non-AHK, Humanized, Ease of Use!

You can solo Ravana Ex with a teleport program:

Be a ranged.
Have any type of teleport/pos program. (I use Kefka bot to teleport, purchased at
Put yourself on the height just above Ravana's wings.
Kill Ravana.

Tips: Ranava will aggro you and run directly under you. Ravana will not do any moves or attack. Because Ravana actually aggros and moves, anyone else who is in your party can attack Ravana for a faster kill, as long as they don't pull threat.

Other primals you can solo:
Garuda - teleport outside the area and kill.
Odin - teleport outside the area and kill.
Infirt - teleport outside the area and kill.
King Moogle Mog - Teleport underground (far enough to not get it, at least 7 yalms) and kill (works in ex, just kill the ranger 3x first)

Note: Works with most bosses that have an area you can stand on outside the arena, whose boss does not do ranged attacks.
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Monday, March 6, 2017

Make baseline $200/week botting gold in Vanilla WoW (insane demand)

I've been able to find success in making a couple extra hundred bucks a week from botting gold on Elysium. They have 4 new servers that just launched not long ago and there's tens of thousands of people.. the economy of the server is dominated by gold sellers and most everybody in the upper echelon buys gold. Everyone's mailbox on Darrowshire is full due to gold sellers, constant whispers 24/7, bank in Orgrimmar has more level 1s than on retail, etc. It's booming. Great time to get into it and getting started with a bot is really cheap.

As for getting your money, it's not a question of if or when or hassling for a sale- you message any of the resellers and they will cut you a deal. Due to inflation, gold is able to be covertly sold through the Auction House. (if your preference is daily sales) Perfect market for anyone who wants to get some extra bucks. It's not situational income at all- everyone needs gold.

If anyone is interested in trying this market out, please let me know. I will answer any questions you may have below, or you can add me to Skype.
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Monday, February 20, 2017

LOTRO is getting a lot of updates and attention this year, I recently completed the journey to level cap to the first time, here are some of my likes and dislikes for the game.


Middle earth: To anytime who has ever read the books, just walking around in Bree and The Shire is bound to be such a treat. The developers have put so much thought, care and love into the bringing alive of this world that is simply mind-blowing. From the tapestries in Edoras to the giant grim halls within Moria, everything small and big has a tremendous attention to detail and shines with love for the source material. And that is simply coming from someone who only read the main books and saw the movies, I didn’t read the simalirion and other Tolkien related works. I’m sure that someone who is a true Tolkien fanatic can spend hours walking around in Bree alone. Keep in mind though that the game is an adaptation of the books, not the movies. So some area’s and characters might look slightly different and unfamiliar if you watched the movies a ton (like I did).

Pretty Fair F2P model: What makes LoTRO’s cash shop pretty sweet in my opinion is that it’s premium’s currency, LP (LoTRO Points), can be earned in game. And not from random loot box drops and what not, but from simply playing the game and getting achievements. Questing, killing mobs and exploring all grant LP. Gaining reputation with the different factions that reside in each zone also gives you lp. The system is pretty easily exploitable, just make an alt and do some basic achievements, get the lp you need and then delete the character and start over. But the developers seem pretty cool with it. What is in the cash shop is also pretty basic. The riding riding trait is what you are going to want to buy as soon as possible, probably running around and questing in your starting zone is enough to buy it at lvl 15. Zones also need to bought here, you are free to explore and run around and kill stuff in every zone in the game, but if you want to quest in zones after lvl 30 you are going to need expansion packs and quest packs (Going to recommend Evendim and Angmar probably the quickest zones to reach lvl 50 and get into expansion pack content.) The game is more free to try in my opinion, but because you can unlock zones permanently and grind towards earning enough to unlock them I am pretty ok with it, it’s definitely not as generous as GW2 free model but not as bad or P2W as some other MMO’s either. Cough Archage Cough

Questing: So this is bound to be controversial, but I actually like LotRO questing system. Most of them are the basic kill 10 mobs, collect 10 swords of certain mobs, defeat the captain, destroy supplies, etc etc. But what makes it better is that the game uses these relatively boring quests to tell great stories. Instead of “Kill 10 mobs cuz I need their skins for a potion or something” it’s “Thornhope used to be a beacon of Rohan strength, defeat the filthy orcs that walks in the streets and avenge my family.” The game is very good at providing context for simple and boring tasks which makes the game a lot better. And since LotRO’s main way of gain exp is through quests, you’ll be doing a ton of them anyways.

Community This is probably one of the best know attributes of LotRO and for good reason. Everyone is nice, helpful and out to make your day a better one. People on /world often give away free items, some of which can even catch quite a price on the games market if they had decided to sell instead. Not only that but people are giving advise all the time, on trait specs, quest lines to play or avoid and what to buy from the store.


End game content: This is completely subjective, but after reaching level cap all I can say is that I am a bit disappointed. Basically end game content revolves around the latests zone, raids and featured instances. Basically, after reaching level 100 the game stops giving you normal armour, instead you get socketable armour. This armour has pretty bad stats, but you can make the armour and yourself into absolute beasts by slotting it with essences. For example a piece of end game armour comes with 4 slots, and a normal boost of 500 hp, now you slot those with the four best essences of hp in the game, and suddenly instead of getting a 500hp boost when equipping the armour, you get a 4500 hp boost. And these essences aren’t just for hp either, also for mana (or power as it is called in game) and any of the other major stats in the game, influencing your crit rates and such. At first my reaction was that this was super sweet, it opened up to make your own builds if you will, you could make your tank have super high hp or you can make sure it’s able to better dodge in coming attacks or you could have it’s mana increase so you can use your mobs pulling attacks more often. Where the system starts falling apart is in how you obtain this essences. Simply put, it is just a grind, and I wouldn’t have minded a grind, but it is a grind with a day long reset and having to put your faith in to rng and your in game cash. The only real way your are going to be able to fully armour yourself with end game gear is if you make a legion of alts and don’t mind running the same featured instance over and over again. And even then it’s going to take a long time. For someone who was just one character at level cap, it would probably take you until the mordor expansion releases to get yourself equipped to handle the newest raid, which drops better armour that need even more essences. It’s just a grind that is not friendly to any players who only recently reached level cap and has no level cap alts and that just sucks.

Small player base: yeah, LotRO’s community may rock, but the quantity of the player base is definitely annoying from time to time. Not being able to gather a group for content and not being able to buy common items is one of the most annoying consequences of this, but it has much causes much smaller annoyances too, like not being able to gather information on certain topics because there aren’t enough players to fully write everything down, this becomes very annoying when doing research into essences and armour and what not, often leaving you in the dark on what to equip for raids (Lotro’s community is just as demanding on armour for PvE content as any other game) It’s more of a quality of life annoyance if anything, but it is very annoying non the less.

Instant level cap item: So pretty much in every game with an instant level cap item the community doesn’t like it, but here there is an especial hate for it, and for good reason too. Although the game advertises as a way to get instant access to level 95 content, (Which is even 10 levels off level cap but whatever) you will be at a severe disadvantage if you use this package as a way to get quick access to level cap content. Not only because you are going to be missing the essentials on how to play your class like in other game, but also because you are going to lack any virtues. Virtues are awarded for completing the above mentioned achievements, you’ll get pretty close to maxing them out by the time you reach level cap by just playing the game casually. But won’t have any if you use the instant 95 item. If you are thinking of using this as a quick way to get into the latest end game raid, you are going to be out of luck, the raid is so difficult that you’ll need any advantage you can get, not having any virtues is going to put you at a significant power disadvantage, making the entire thing very costly and close to useless.

Bugs and optimisation: This is another thing that never fails to destroy my fun with a game and it is in full force here. It’s not too bad at first, you are going to encounter some slight frame rate drops and slowdowns when first loading into big instances and in general just seeing a lot of players run around at the same time. It get’s worse in heavily decorated area’s like Bree, the main low level hub of the game. As you get closer to end game it get’s worse. War Steeds, a mechanic introduced in the Riders of Rohan are just a buggy mess, you jump over a fence three seconds later the game notices you may not have made that jump and sets you back. It’s really annoying and happens very often. Later on Epic Battles are introduced, having sometimes thousands of enemies on screen at a time looks really cool, but in an old engine like LotRO it’s mainly going to cause many issues. Crashes back to desktop, being disconnected from the game, heavy slow down, frame rate drops, all of these I have experienced. Even worse when playing through one of these epic battles last night solo, which takes about 45 minutes, I had the game crash upon completion of the instance, meaning that I was going to have to play through the entire thing again just in order to complete a quest. Very annoying.

There are some smaller details I like/dislike like: Very RP friendly, great clothing system, some raids can’t be experienced at level cap making them useless and a bit of a joke and the fact that the voice acting is very hit or miss (The Nazg├╗l are great, King Theoden sounds like a hobo they forced into a voice booth with no voice acting experience at all). But those are my main likes and dislikes from the game.

TL;DR The game is a very nice experience that is completely free till level 30, if you like that I’ll recommend you buy the Evendim and Angmar quest pack so that you can head into expansion content. The game is worth the journey to level cap. If you want to stick around for a very long grind after that is up to you, Though my recommendation is that it’s no worth it, but I am just an internet stranger so don’t take my word for it.
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Wildstar: A Special Mmorpg

Many of us love mmorpgs, It is a genre where we can all get together and have fun, take down bosses, face challenges together. Or fight to the death in player vs player combat, but many people are growing sick of subscription fees. And with many other mmorpgs going more and more to the side of pay to win. There aren't that many left that are just fun. This is where Wildstar comes in, a wacky Ratchet and Clank looking mmorpg with amazing gameplay, and great content. Many people find that the game is dead and will be gone soon, but that is not the case, with major updates like Power of the Primal Matrix coming out.

Wildstar is growing again, but it may not be enough, this game holds a special place in many mmorpg gamers hearts, and the last thing we want to see is the game deal with issues it doesn't deserve, Wildstar should and could be saved. It is free to play on steam and through the main client.

Hell, even our housing is great for anyone that is creative, people have made Bender ,Star destroyers, skate parks, battle stations, and so much more, even entire cities!

There is a ton of content, from epic raids, to amazing dungeons, to fun pvp, and most importantly, a dev team that is small, yet passionate, and dedicated to their IP.

Help us, the Wildstar community, come join us Cupcakes. Join the community, it's what really helps game, not tv ads or commercials, join today!

This is part of a small community effort.
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