Sunday, December 3, 2017

Speak with our wallets - Boycott buying Mystic Archer

As most of you know, 4.3 will be one of the most content light major patches ever released on Rift. We're getting two things - a new T2 10 man raid, and a new mage soul - Mystic Archer, which will sell for 900 credits. This new soul is neither needed or wanted. Mages already have strong solo and leveling specs, and the real selling points will be as a tanking offsoul (which its deliberately unbalanced as) and PvP (because apparently no one learned any lessons about ethereal damage or extreme mobility from the past two expansions). We're also getting new upgrades to the crafted helmet and ranged weapon, which will cost 18 amenders and 80k captured intel.

Instead of heeding our feedback and focusing development on key sources of frustration in this expansion, such as the abomination that is the suffix gear system, planar fragment cost and RNG, massive cross-calling disparities and pigeonholed roles, we're receiving a patch that's half free despite having paid for the expansion (and we got so little of the advertised content on time with not even a semblance of an apology).

We're getting more suffix gear, which simply doesn't work with weekly lockouts and 10 week long active upgrade paths, a raid where 2 out of 3 bosses can't be melee'd (when 2 callings don't even have truly competitive ranged specs) and eternal weapon changes that will propel yet another calling into the 100k+ HPS tanking club.

Instead of the streamlined upgrade system we were promised that wouldn't cost three arms and five legs, our next upgrade paths for crafted items cost over half a month's worth of crafting cooldowns for 2 stages, several months of open world currency grinding, and a small fortune in celestial matrices. Furthermore, there isn't even a T2 helm in the Rift Store. You have no alternative to spending so much.

I, for one, am extremely tired of this extreme disconnect between the direction of development and the actual state of the game. I'm tired of Trion ignoring the overwhelmingly negative mood on the forums and that even the slightest hint of criticism in feedback gets it dismissed as toxicity. I'm tired of Trion rewarding self-righteous drama queen vandals that sabotaged the community.

Above all, I'm tired of development time wasted on an unwanted soul for immediate profit instead of issues that are actually in the interest of long term retention or acquisition of players. 4.3 makes it feel like Trion's mostly given up on boosting the playerbase and making it easy for returning players to get back into the game.

TL;DR: Don't encourage more of this and buy whatever is put in front of us.

Let's speak with our wallets and not buy Mystic Archer or spend money on Autumn Harvest.
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Friday, November 17, 2017

Legacy Ultima Online - A totally free classic UO shard. No loot boxes, no gambling, no BS.

Come and try out a free version of Ultima Online known as Legacy UO. Experience Ultima Online the way it was meant to be! We launch in less than 2 weeks!! There are no loot boxes, there are no micro transactions, there's nobody trying to suck the life out of you through a video game! There's just high quality game play carefully created by people who have enjoyed Ultima Online for many years!

  1. What is Ultima Online (UO)?
  2. What is Legacy UO (LUO)?
  3. Why Should I play LUO?
  4. Legacy UO Features
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  6. Launch Day Celebration!!
  7. Follow us
1. What is Ultima Online (UO)?

Ultima Online is a third-person perspective/isometric Retro MMORPG set in Richard Garriottï's Ultima universe. It is a persistent world, which means that hundreds, if not thousands of people can play and interact simultaneously. When you log off the world keeps going and your actions such as gaining skills or items are saved to the server.

Although UO cannot compete with the graphics of modern games, it more than makes up for this with complex and diverse gameplay. UO doesn't just offer a world to play in; it offers a persistent world to live in. Your character is highly customisable, from their statistics and skills to their clothing and appearance. You can build your own house and place it at any available land spot in the world, decorate it as you see fit and even partake in a complex city building system, called Townships, where as a group you can create your own cities to control as you wish. Legacy even has a Pet Breeding system under development where you can breed specific traits to have the dragon companion you have always wanted!

Ultima Online, in a nutshell, is the game that all other MMORPGs have been trying to copy for the last last 20 years, but just can't get it right.

Decorate your own home!

With a diverse range of skills, you can literally play whichever character you wish to; whether it be an axe-wielding maniac who chops wood for a little Zen meditation, a scholarly mage who weaves the ether to do thine bidding, a humble crafter who can make anything and everything to sell at your private shop, an Animal Tamer who can command great beasts such as dragons and basilisks to protect you at all costs, a swift-fingered thief who helps lighten the purses of those around you or an assassin who slips into the shadows unseen and attacks when your mark is at his weakest! UO allows you to choose whichever skills you wish so your character can be unique, and you can change and retrain your skills at any time.


2 What is Legacy UO?

Legacy is a free Ultima Online shard (server) that will be launching on November 25th of this year! It has been built by a crack team of professional software developers with years of coding experience. The shard uses UO server emulation software known as RunUO and has had the code heavily modified so that it is vastly different from the pay-to-play version of the game. In fact, the source code for Legacy has 13 YEARS worth of development behind it, carefully perfecting every aspect of it.

In Legacy you can be attacked, robbed, looted, etc. by your fellow players, just like in the early days of Ultima Online. Meaning that you have to be wary outside of town guard zones as danger can often lurk just around the corner; whether it be from a roleplaying orc wanting "tribuut", a pirate seeking plunder or a run-of-the-mill "peekay" wanting to "pwn" you! This sense of danger is sorely lacking in other MMORPGs on today's market where everything is instanced or scripted to protect a player from excitement and danger. Such protection unfortunately removes the fun aspect of interacting with other players where you never know what will happen next. One of the only things that can beat the rush of managing to escape being killed by another player for the first time, is finding them at a later date and returning the favour by besting them in combat! But also keep in mind, that it's not QUITE as dangerous as the very original UO was. We've worked hard to find create a nice "goldilocks" amount of risk.

Killing your fellow citizens is not without consequences however, and the adage "if you commit the crime you do the time" certainly rings true on LUO, where murders have the option to be sent to prison rather than stat loss if they are killed with 5 or more short term murder counts. Prisoners can then team up and attempt to break out of the prison rather than wait out their sentence, but be warned it is no easy feat!

3. Why Should I play Legacy?

Well, if you have never played UO before, then you should play Legacy because you've never experienced anything quite like it. It's a world where you are rewarded for the risks you take, and how you play. It's managed by a group of people who simply do this out of love for the game. We are not here to make a buck, we're here to make a quality game for thousands to enjoy. There are no loot boxes, there are no micro transactions, there's nobody trying to suck the life out of you through a video game! There's just high quality game play carefully created by people who have enjoyed Ultima Online for many years!

Legacy UO has a dedicated, professional team of developers who are constantly working on new content to provide the best gaming experience out there that caters to all playstyles; whether it be player vs player (PvP), player vs monster (PvM) or roleplaying (RP). The shard has a balanced PvP and PvM ruleset that continually strives to maintain that balance while still releasing new content.

Also, skill gain is faster on Legacy than it is on production servers and other games, so you can train up a character fairly quickly and get straight into the action, and not deal with yet another tedious grind.

Frankly, there's just too many reasons for you to come check us out for us to be able to fit them all in this announcement!

4. Legacy UO Features
Legacy UO has regularly scheduled events such as town invasions, player run events as well as a number of features that make it unique. The quickest way to read about these is to check out the LUO playguide. .

  • Some of these features include:
  • Townships!- Set boundaries, and even LAWS to control your guilds land! Truly create your own city!!
  • Yarrrrr! - Sail the sees and commandeer ships! Need I say more, matey?
  • Kin Alignment: Kin Alignment is a factions system where players have their guilds join a faction such as the Undead, Pirates or Orcs and do battle against each other. Each Kin has it's own stronghold where kin-aligned creatures will not attack them. For example, if you are aligned with Orcs, orcs within Kin Regions will not attack you, if you're a pirate, pirates will not attack you, etc. making it far easier to Role Play certain characters in battle.
  • The Mortal System: For those who wish to play UO with a refreshing new challenge. When someone becomes mortal, once they die they are dead for eternity.
  • Enhanced Crafting: high-end magic items have been replaced with scrolls that drop, known as sDrops. These scrolls are applied to their wares by skilled crafters in order to create the best items in the land. Items such as jewellery, clothing, gravestones and furniture can also be engraved or embroidered.
  • New Foes and Advanced AI: tactics and skill are required to best many of the tougher foes on Legacy. Try battling a Golem Controller or the Lord and Lady Guardian (based on Adam and Jade), or some of our new Champions, if you seek a challenge.
  • Slayer Template: The Slayer is a new melee oriented PvM option that allows a character to excel at using slayer type (magical) weapons. This was invented to create more options and diversity for PVM (player vs. monster)

6. Launch Day Celebration!!

Game launches are always an exciting time, so to celebrate we'll be passing out gifts to everyone who is logged in on launch day (November 25, 2017)!
All players who log in will have their choice between 3 rare items that will generate exclusively on launch day

1 lucky player will be chosen at random to receive a free House Deed and Guild Stone!
A Series of 1 of a kind "server birth" rares will spawn in secret locations throughout the world for everyone to try to find. These will be highly coveted, and worth the hunt!
And finally, 1 player will be chosen at random to receive a real life, brand spanking new, still in the bag, Ultima Online cloth map! These are valuable collector items!!!

Cloth Map!!!

And of course, you can expect some fun activities from the shard staff!
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

It becomes clear how bad a shape the MMO genre is in when the announcement of Classic WoW is the most exciting news we have heard in years.

The most exciting development in the MMO world is the announcement of a re-release of a 13 year old game. There hasn't been this level of excitement in the MMO world since the pre-launch days of GW2.

The Classic WoW announcement has also shown the clear rift in MMO communities. One group wants to have "classic wow" with all the amenities of modern wow. The other group doesn't want a single thing changed. What is really interesting is there are very compelling arguments coming from both groups.

I think a lot here can be unpacked and talked about. We are clearly seeing the various interest groups within the MMO fandom and how they all want very different things. With classic wow, we are in a position where it is impossible for both groups to get what they want.

When you think about it, however, all new MMO's try to appease both groups. They try to please everyone. Maybe this trend is what has run the genre into the ground.

It should be said that I intend to play the hell out of Classic WoW. Assuming blizzard doesn't try to make it a cash grab.
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Friday, November 3, 2017

Recently got back into GW2 after a multi-year break.

So, I basically had the MMO itch that most here are familiar with. Thought about several games in the market and tried most of them, and ultimately ended up looking at GW2 again.

I was a very dedicated GW1 player, and played GW2 during open beta and a few months after launch. I decided the game wasn't for me because ArenaNet was straying too much from their Manifesto. And they did implement several things in the game that they said they wouldn't. So this made me grow a tiny bit bitter of it, before trying it out again 2 weeks ago.

GOD. DAMN. It is another game. I purchased the two expansions and the living story, and there is just SO MUCH to do in the game. I can't believe the amount of content it offers for a buy to play title. There is a multitude of activities depending on what you like to do in an MMO, and the best part is that there is absolutely ZERO required grind to do stuffs - except if you want to get into the very top of playerbase that do dedicated raiding, at which point you will have to grind and learn rotations, but this is the same for basically every MMO.

They recently added mounts, and I must say: it is the absolutely BEST implementation I have ever seen on a MMO. The mounts feel alive, it feels like they grow with you (they indeed do) and they take a very important role on story quests and world exploration.

The customization options are basically endless. You will NEVER find anyone looking like you.

The developers seems to be extremely active as well. I have always criticized ArenaNet for their obvious focus on the gem store on GW2, but it seems like in the past few years or months they have put their shit together and are actively working on balancing the game out and fixing general problems.

Overall, my recent endeavor in the game has ended my previous grips with the game, and I fell in love with it again. It has sparked again that MMO flame in me, much to my surprise - was looking at a simple time killer.

So, this is my advice before you ask for suggestions here: try the game out!
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Looking for a thematic investment in the gaming industry? Get InTheGame!

As the gaming industry races towards the $100 billion mark, more and more investors are considering a thematic investment in this booming sector. With practices such as casual gaming, online tournaments and eSports becoming increasingly popular, this sector could continue to grow at an exponential rate. Our InTheGame CopyFund gives you the opportunity to invest in this sector as a whole.

Get a sneak peek on how the gaming industry has evolved from niche to mainstream, and how you can enjoy its combined growth with one click:

Over the past few decades, the gaming industry went from being a $400 million market, occupied mainly by hardcore gamers, to a $99 billion beast that has everyone playing. Revenue sources for the industry have not only increased, but they have also become a lot more diverse, including in-game advertising, downloadable content purchasing and eSports sponsorship to name a few.

Thematic investment in the gaming industry made easy

When eToro launched CopyFunds last year, they aimed to create an investment instrument that would suit the needs of long-term investors. Since CopyFunds are managed by the eToro Investment Committee, investors can rest assured knowing that professionals are working to serve their long-term investment needs. One of the main advantages of these new investment products is that they enable us to provide our clients with thematic investment opportunities in various market sectors.

Instead of selecting individual stocks and composing a gaming-based portfolio on your own, InTheGame offers wide exposure to the industry, in one instrument that you can invest in with a click of a button. The CopyFund contains some of the heavy-hitters of the industry and is optimised periodically to ensure maximum efficiency. Moreover, unlike other investment instruments, CopyFunds have no management fees.


The eToro Investment Committee selects the stocks within the industry that show the most promise as a long-term investment. The weight of each stock within the CopyFund is allocated based on market cap. The CopyFund is rebalanced at least once a year, but the Committee might rebalance it from time to time to add or remove stocks in the portfolio.


InTheGame is designed to provide industry-wide exposure to the gaming industry. Stocks within the fund include well-known brands, such as Sony, NVIDIA and Nintendo.

Explore the InTheGame CopyFund
The InTheGame CopyFund contains some of the world’s leading gaming brands, such as:
  • NVIDIA – One of the leading CPU and GPU manufacturers in the world. NVIDIA processors can be found in high-end gaming computers, gaming consoles, smartphones and many other computers that require significant processing power.
  • Nintendo – Perhaps the most recognisable gaming brand in the world, Nintendo has been around for over a century and brought forth pop culture icons such as Mario and Pokemon.
  • Activision – The largest game publisher in the US, Activision has been part of the industry since the 1970s. With licensing rights to blockbuster franchises such as Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot and Transformers, Activision is constantly creating new games which bring in billions every year.
  • EA – Electronic Arts is another prominent game publisher, known for its popular sports simulators, such as FIFA and other successful franchises such as The Sims and Battlefield.

Stay in the game

The gaming market could still expand further. On top of the growth seen in recent years in casual and hardcore gaming, eSports are growing into a league of their own, with top gamers getting paid as well as other professional athletes. But it won’t end there. Virtual reality and augmented reality are expected to become more widespread in the next few years, adding another dimension to the gaming industry and creating exciting new investment opportunities. With so much room to grow and endless new possibilities for this market, the InTheGame CopyFund could be the perfect solution for those looking for a thematic investment in the booming gaming industry.

Invest in the InTheGame CopyFund
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

When someone asks me about the state of Cabal Online

Recently tried it out again and quit after 15 minutes because it is 99% bots 1% players. I actually don't understand this. I mean, bots (for the most part) exist to farm stuff so that the botters can sell gold/items for real money. But if there are no players that buy it then the botters usually go away too because there is no market anymore.

So I am wondering why there are so many if really no one is playing Cabal anymore.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

You should give older MMO's a try.

If you're like me, you're a younger player and didn't grow up with the classics.

However, the games you did play, the games I've played were all influenced by the classics.

So i found myself playing games paying homage to the classics, without actually experiencing said games yourself.

I just started playing Ultima Online, a game i've heard so much about in my life but never even crossed my mind to give it a try until recently.

It does everything other games try to copy and does it way better. Sure, the graphics are bad but the game is fun and deep and the community is absolutely amazing.

Give your older MMO's a try if you didn't already :)
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Albion Online review

First of all, I'm not here to bash anyone. I do acknowledge that SBI is heading through some rocky roads with all the gold-seller + ddos issue and I understand how hard it must be to juggle between these problems and developing a good game at the same time. I honestly wish the best of luck to them.

Albion is a fun game, but it ends there. It's a game that lacks depth and options on what to do. Yes, I do know it's a sandbox game and "you should make up your own goals" and I do agree with that. The problem though is that the path you take to reach 90% of your possible made up goals are all the same.

Want to master on a specific kind of weapon?

  • Keep re-running the same dungeon xxx times until you get enough fame.

Want to craft/gather T6+ items?

  • Keep grinding the same maps for xxx hours

And that sucks. A lot of people like to compare AO to OSRS but OSRS is just years ahead (literally to be fair). If you ever get tired of training combat in OSRS, you'll be able to go questing, grind minigames, hunt bosses or choose between 20 skills to train, all of them having completely different systems to level up, while in Albion everything feels the same. Want to craft a T7 plate? Grind your way to gatherer T6+ and craft a shit ton of the same plates in order to craft a T7 one, all of this while doing the exact same thing you'd do if you wanted to craft T7 Leather, Cloth, Bows, Sword, Staff or whatever else you can think of. And even if you manage to join a BZ guild, you'll still be doing the exact same shit you'd be doing if you were solo if you want to progress, that is: endlessly killing mobs and/or gathering resources.

Also, one huge turn down for me was the skill system. You have 5~6 skills only that are tied to the gears you'll use. And the gears will have the same skills regardless of what tier you're using, so it feels you didn't progress at all. If you make a huge effort to get to t8, you'll have the exact same skills you did when you were using T2 (Yes, you'll unlock some skills during the way, but once you unlocked them they'll always be the same).

The good part about the game is the PvP. It's one of the few MMORPGs that actually has the "hardcore death" (You lose all your items when you die). So PvPing feels really exciting as you're close to make bank or lose your bank all the time. And there's the Blackzones which are awesome. Guilds controlling entire non-instanced regions of the game is something I was craving for a long time because it creates politics and drama and that's what MMORPG endgame was all about back in the "good ol' days".

Unfortunately, the PvP won't make up for the game's flaws to me so I left. Hopefully once SBI gets out of the shitstorm they're in with the gold-sellers they'll be able to push more game content and maybe add something to make your character's progression feel rewarding. They honestly should stop focusing on cool webpages like character builder/killboard and start to focus on actual in-game content. I mean, those pages were awesome but that shouldn't be that up on the priority list with the current state of the game.

tl;dr: Albion's PvP is good but it lacks game content and it feels really unrewarding.
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Friday, July 28, 2017

I miss seamless, open worlds

People frequently attribute preferring vanilla WoW with having rose tinted glasses. And whilst I can understand that argument in some cases, I can't think of another MMO that has created anything close to vanilla WoW's world.

I'm not disagreeing that some of my fondness to WoW is as a result of it being my first "real" MMO (played Guild Wars 1 for years prior), and my ignorance in not having ever been presented with a world so vast before. But to attribute it all to that ignorance would be dismissing what vanilla WoW actually did right.

What happened to seamless landscapes? A loading screen didn't take me to Orgrimmar, I fucking walked there, through the gates. I miss the journey. Never really at any point was WoW all about the journey and not the destination, it always had that late game content people craved, but when did MMO developers stop giving a shit about the journey altogether?

I miss the massive mountains surrounding each zone. They weren't just player barriers in disguise, they were physical mountains, and challenges to players like me. I knew that if I climbed it, I'd be able to drop into the zone next door. The world was more than the paths that guided you through it, it was a sandbox that enabled you to find your own paths. I feel like the illusion of size in WoW went to shit when they implemented flying mounts, and died altogether when Cataclysm came around, even Deathwing did less damage to the world than Blizzard did.

I miss the physicality and interaction too. I had to walk place to place, I had to interact with the map and my quest log to figure out where I was going, I had to work for my mount, I had to walk to the dungeons, I had to rally people in group chat to defend against gankers, etc. It wasn't convenient in any way but I enjoyed being immersed in the world so much that I never felt like I was in a rush to reach max level.

At this point I don't play WoW for a number of reasons, primarily because the game is focused solely on the end-game gameplay loop and probably aimed at people that aren't my age group, and more at players that favor convenience and seek frequent gratification. I just fucking wish another developer went back to the routes of what made WoW great, I haven't felt immersed in an MMO world in years.

Anyone else feel the same?
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

LOTRO's insane pricing for Mordor

I've been a long term supporter of Lotro - I keep up my sub even when I'm not playing, and I've rarely had anything bad to say about them. This however is appalling.

The base edition of the expansion costs $40 with no extras (except for a one off level boost, like most games). Sounds ok so far?

Here's the first ridiculous thing. It doesn't include the High Elf race. This is something they've hyped for months as being a major part of the expansion. And yet it doesn't come with the expansion.

You have to pay more. Not a bit either. Literally double.

At $80 you get a few fluff items, a pet, a mount, a title etc. The usual stuff that comes with deluxe editions of MMOs but at a pretty steep price. So they gate the new race behind an over priced 'deluxe edition'. You don't get any in game currency or any real incentives to spend this much.

It doesn't stop there. At $130 comes the ultimate edition. Now it's the same as the last one with some more fluff, an extra mount and set of exclusive cosmetics, and a month's subscription (worth $10-$15). Obviously this one is for the whales who want every exclusive item available.

What disgusts me frankly is the gating of an integral part of the expansion behind a literally doubled price bump. The base one should contain the race, and the mid range one should be around $60-$70 and include 1000-2000 LP points, then it'd actually have some value.

And to make things even worse, the expansions still don't contain any content from previous expansions, so a new player has to buy all of those on top.

Update: the livestream has been full of spin, effectively saying people just misunderstood and the high elf was never meant to be included. You can compare Moria's expansion, which included two new classes and was £30/$40. If you paid twice that for the special edition it included the base game, two months' sub, a soundtrack CD, a physical map, etc. You will be able to buy the high elf class from the in game store around six months after launch, so the only way to get it at launch is behind the $80 gate.

tl;dr: They've taken out stuff from the 'base' expansion so you need to pay $80 at double the cost to get everything. And that doesn't include any in game currency/sub time.
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