Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trion admits that ArcheAge is P2W

Someone on Facebook asked the following question regarding the new Revelation pack for 150 dollars: "Are there packs available to buy for the fresh start servers? Or no to prevent people from having an advantage over each other?"

Trion's answer: "Great question -- No, this pack is for Legacy Servers only. The Fresh Start servers will have a different pack available at launch that's focused on cosmetics not power or P2W. We want to make sure everyone playing on the fresh start server has an even playing field."

Apparently they'll be adding the cash shop later after the new server releases. It's a shame, as Archeage could have been an amazing game! Archeage Alpha will always be a special gaming memory! It was one of the best MMO experiences i ever had. i didn't even bother playing the betas, i just kept playing on the alpha server.

Archeage without the p2w items would've been such an amazing mmo, the only thing that made me stop playing was the fact that you could no longer compete in pvp without dropping some serious cash.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Anyone else having a hard time actually finding a long-term MMO they like?

I got into MMOs back in 2003 through a friend who played on a private Lineage 2 server. I got hooked on the game and played it religiously for about 2 years on said pserver and then later switched to retail which I played until 2010. Ever since 2010 I've been trying new MMOs, old MMOs I had never played before etc and every single time I would just go right back to playing L2 for a few months until I got bored again, rinse and repeat..

2 years ago I just dropped the game entirely, due to their really shitty F2P model and just not having enough time anymore to play a game that is basically a second job.

Anyway, so for about 6 years now I've been trying MMO after MMO, like them at the start but after 2 weeks - 2 months depending on the game I just suddenly see "through the bullshit" and get bored. Recently the same happened again with World of Warcraft, which is a game I had not played until 4 months ago. I played 2 months leading to the new expansion, enjoyed the leveling etc then legion launched, enjoyed the new content for a bit.. and here I am a month and a half down the line and the same thing hits me again.

At this point I'm just starting to think that I maybe just outgrew MMOs? I mean I still like the concept and every time I try a new one I do genuinely enjoy the experience... for a while. But I just can't seem to find a game I can play for what seems like forever just like L2 back in the days.
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Monday, November 7, 2016

Now is a pretty good time to start Dragon Nest if you're interested.

There is currently an event that let's you create a level 80 character immediately so you can jump into the game right away.

I know from personal experience that one of the biggest scare away points that Dragon Nest had was that it took ages to level up and get to the "good parts" of gameplay. But with a level skip event you can get right into the actual action gameplay and enjoy the game and combat instead of "leveling up" before you actual "play" the game.

Give it a shot guys. There currently isn't any MMORPG with a combat system that can compare to DN (except maybe Vindictus I guess.)
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Guild Wars 2 - Free Account Level 1-80 Review

Just a quick note before you start reading, there is no TL;DR, since this is a complete review, although I'll try to make it as shortened yet detailed as possible.

Okay so, starting in the first levels, the game is kind of slow-paced, you run around low level areas helping people for karma(in-game currency) and exp/rewards, it honestly felt a bit boring at first, since you can't really own yet.
A lot of events are always active in the areas, and even if you have trouble, there are always high-level players running around who you can ask for help!

After getting a few levels here and there (10-15-ish) I noticed something peculiar on the map, something called an area's completion rate, THIS, this is just... genius.
You run around looking for undiscovered areas, checkpoints, hero points which are either challenges(fights) or items you can consume/use, and lastly there's the maps you have to find which are usually in high places, they allow you to view the area vastly from a far angle.

So reaching levels 30-40 you start realizing where you want to go with your starting build, what early stats you want to focus on getting and all that.

Then when you go past 40, into 50 and 60 that's where things got extremely fun for me.
areas have hidden treasures, secret paths, and many surprises which aren't mentioned in the map at all, I mean, when I was wandering in a cave, took a wrong turn then entered a room through a wall (literally walked through a wall), and found some kind of hidden room inside, I got so hyped I felt like I was back in my old RPG days!
The maps that you collect for area completion also get quite complicated and difficult to locate, you can see it, but you have no idea how to reach it. I would spend 20+ minutes in a hostile area just looking for that one way to reach it! And the feeling when you are finally able to get it, Bliss.

Then going into 70-80 I was used to the mobs' patterns, to the way of dealing with them, you just get used to the world, to your character and to your surroundings.

Extra Info
Events vary from boss battles against powerful mobs, to escorting missions, defending missions, slaughtering missions, all-out wars etc.
and the best part is, you don't have to participate in any of them, you can just walk past them.

I once walked into an area that had around 150+ players who were all standing there for a while, I had no idea what they were waiting for but I had a hunch that it was some kind of epic-scale event, I decided to wait. yes I didn't ask I'mquite silent when it comes to these things, besides, I'd rather get surprised.
And what the event turned out to be was a battle against a huge dragon, which is a bit cliche but it still felt epic, and very rewarding.

I also really loved the fact (mentioned this in an earlier review, I think?) that I can change my equipment's color without having to pay some special currency or something, although a lot of colors are locked, I can make-do with the ones I have.

The story is awesome, it allows you to select decisions on how you want to do your missions, who you want to join etc. and most of the time, those decisions come with consequences, (I'm a huge decision/consequence game genre fan) I mean, heck, you can even flirt with NPCs.

The maps are glorious, the nature is captivating, and doesn't require that much graphical power, almost never has fps drops.

Each class has a healing skill, and only 5-9(I think?) skills, I dislike having too many skills in an MMORPG but that's just me.

Exploring. is. fun is pretty much what I can say about the PvE.

I have only played 1 match of PvP so far, just because of how much fun I'm having with the PvE. never tried crafting either, and never did a daily quest, plus I didn't spend a penny on this game, which I'm honestly starting to feel guilty about.

You can swim underwater, fight underwater, enter whole cities that reside underwater and discover all kinds of treasures and ruins, although I personally dislike underwater combat.

There's also gliding, but I'm not sure if I can do that with a free account, need to check! It's honestly tons of fun.

Dungeons are unique, but seeing as I only played one dungeon, which was different from any others I've played previously, I'm not going to count this. I've just been so immersed into PvE that I did not even consider going into dungeons.

Oh and fuck the dredge.

This game is lighthearted in terms of what it forces you to do, while also being a bit challenging with its' fights and dungeons.

I have not tried WvW or a raid yet, but I have completed each and every map I entered.

I reached level 80 and my total map completion is only at a 52%, which just made me extremely happy when I saw it!

Oh and, PvP equalizes everyone's gear, so no bullshit.

I also never actually joined any guilds, even though it's called guild wars \o/ but I honestly don't see a problem with that.

And finally, fashion is really gorgeous, the races (especially Sylvari) look really cool and honestly their design is creative (not sure if they took their design from something else).

Give Guild Wars 2 a chance, it's really great.
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Monday, October 31, 2016

The Secret World does "puzzle raid"

The Secret World in current Halloween event implemented "puzzle raid" - which i find to be new concept so decided to share and see what people think about it

TSW has investigation missions that require players to use both in game lore & real life knowledge to solve them and in "puzzle raid" devs are trying to incorporate that with group coordination & cooperation

so how does this works?

1: the first thing to happen is that "rider" arrives on some adventure map and everyone on that map gets message about it - those people call for more players (community made special "Event" global custom chat channel for that)

2: players begin to search map for special mobs that appeared with rider and kill them - as more mobs die candles around rider start to light up and when 5 are lit rider summons world-boss and everyone kill it (rider disappears if candles not lit in allotted time)

3: by analyzing WB drops and lore it was discovered that there is possibility to summon "empowered" version of world boss which in addition to process i described required at exact time of summoning in 3 different specific places on map for players to do /pray emote (each place requires specific number of players to do that in exact time) and one player uses item that drops from regular WB on rider - everything need to happen simultaneously

4: this "empowered" WB had some drops that have no known use which lead community to deduce that there is at least one more tier to this later it was discovered that when WB dies his "soul" can be seen by dead players in vicinity and it travels to some specific place where some strange runes appear (visible only to dead players) - this currently is the tier TSW community is trying to figure out
so what do you guys think about the concept of "puzzle raid"?

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Monday, October 10, 2016

I have no faith in crowd funded mmos

Simply put it's unrealistic for a decent mmo to come out of a tiny budget. It doesn't matter how skilled some of the team are or their history, the size of the team is just as important and one thing I notice with these studios such as ACE(Crowfall) and CSE(Camelot unchained) is they are way behind on their roadmap due to a small team size directly related to budget.

I backed a fairl hefty pledge on crowfalls Kickstarter but recently I've realised they simply won't be capable of delivering what they envisioned. They have had to cut corners by using a shoddy engine incapable of running an mmo at the scale they promise.

Similarly I backed Camelot unchained and again I've seen huge flaws in their progress. Although they have developed a somewhat impressive engine they are lacking in just about every other area.

Both games suffer greatly from the "founder" issue where they sell ridiculous perks for real money in order to sucker people in. If you are one of the unfortunate plebs who decides to purchase later you get less and pay more which is the reverse of AAA games that lower their price over time and often throw in expansion packs etc.

Ultimately this new age of crowd funded mmo is a farce and as of writing no good mmo has been developed as a result of it. I hope AAA studios regain confidence in the mmo market or seek to innovate in the field. I personally prefer a polished title backed by a large and proven team as opposed to a project of love that despite having the best intentions will never have the raw infrastructure required to develop a top notch mmo.

Say what you will about the big AAA mmos of the last 5 years, but they all have healthy communities and player bases and satisfy their niche.

The good news is I sold both my early Kickstarter packages for a healthy profit when I stopped drinking the KOOL aid after playing the alphas and seeing the decision and struggles of the developers.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Nine Dots' Outward Redefines MMO Exploration

When they start out, most MMORPGs aim to reshape the genre one way or another, if not outright reinvent it. The same is true of Nine Dots Studios' Outward, which looks to inject the stale hack-and-slash scene with some exploration-focused depth. In fact, Outward is looking to immerse its players into every aspect of an adventure. There's run-of-the-mill stuff like challenges and monsters, as well as discoveries, resource-management and even the setting up of camps.

The game's innovation resides in the way it aims to dispose of the factors that constantly disrupt the suspension of disbelief in regular RPGs: being the "special" hero, reloading and being able to find the required monster/enemy all the time. The goal around which the game is built is to make it possible for players to actually live the life of an adventurer.

In Outward, adventurers have to camp, eat and sleep, activities which aren't at all meaningless in the economy of the game: they are actually necessary to survive and to enable players to undertake challenges. Those who go hungry for a day or two will thus not die in the game. Their condition will be affected though as they will grow gradually weaker. What one eats and where one sleeps will also weigh in the balance, especially when it comes to gaining bonuses suited to one's specific skills and objectives.

Combat will be more elaborate than in a rank-and-file MMO too: there will be more skills and abilities involved and blocking hits will be just as important as offense. Enemies can be stunned and unbalanced through bigger blows like shield bashes, after which damage can be delivered in more subtle ways.

The scene of the game is the world of Aurai, which is an adverse place indeed, given how most of its inhabitants live permanently within the walls of a safe city. A co-op mode will be available though there is no PvP planned for now.

Philip Thalberg has been covering eSports news for the world's top competitive gaming destination, 
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Taking an Early Peek at Rift's Starfall Prophecy

Rift is arguably one of the biggest and most successful free-to-play MMORPGs out there, and while its continued success is due to a rather intricate mix of various factors, the fact that they aim to keep their player-base engaged by providing high quality chunks of new content every now and then, is certainly a major part of it.  Even now, they have an expansion in the works called Starfall Prophecy, which - despite the fact that it will bring no new callings or souls - is shaping up to be one of the biggest Rift expansions ever.

To make a long story short: Starfall Prophecy will raise the level cap to 70, it will deliver new legendary powers as well as a number of interesting new zones. There will be new dungeons included, as well as a new raid, Fortress Sieges and Planar Assault Adventures. The Planar Fragment system (something akin to a wardrobe system) will land with Starfall Prophecy too, together with active upgrades and an individual reward system.

In regards to the new zones: there will be a total of five of them, all located on an asteroid, which is hurtling towards the Rift universe's home planet of Telara, with the goal and intention of ripping right through it. Obviously, the goal of the player is to prevent the catastrophe and to save Telara.

The comet of Ahnket is a very interesting location indeed: it is comprised of several rather different worlds, or more specifically: chunks of worlds stuck on the asteroid as it destroyed them.

Players will start off at Scatherran Forest, and the action begins at level 65-66. The 10-man content featured at the end of Starfall Prophecy is supposed to be some of the most difficult content ever offered by Rift, but thanks to the Looking for Raid Grouping tool, everyone will be able to see the story unfold in its entirety.

Philip Thalberg has been working for the Overwatch rankings section of GGnet since Blizzard's game was launched.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Runewaker's Guardians of Ember Looks Awesome

If you haven't yet heard of Guardians of Ember, do not turn in your MMO expert diploma just yet: while the game has indeed been in development for some time by Runewaker, it has been kept under covers until it accomplished a state the publisher was happy with. Now that it has been uncovered, it looks like it will enter early access for testing purposes fairly soon. Judging by the screenshots released by the developer, the game is indeed in an advanced stage and it looks great. What it's looking to accomplish is a sort of hybrid experience between action RPGs (like Diablo III) and MMOs and - provided it does it well - it may indeed be on to something. Lots of people love Hack'n Slash action and Diablo III's popularity is living proof of that. Many of these fans would love to see more depth added to the game though and that's exactly what Guardians of Ember may provide through its MMO elements.

What exactly are we looking at though? Guardians of Ember offers a total of six classes and four races, and a handful of randomized dungeons, which allow for different settings on difficulty. There's also a solid crafting system at work, not to mention the housing component, which allows players to decorate their own dwelling the way they see fit. In addition to all that, there are ranked and unranked PvP options as well.

While most of the game features are already implemented, the team is ready to learn and to improve it in various ways. The main quest-line - which players can already embark on - provides some 30 hours of entertainment, and it can be explored with 5 of the 6 classes.

Another thing that's certain about Guardians of Ember: it will be buy to play.

Philip Thalberg works for GGnet, the world's top spot for Overwatch rankings and competitive gaming in general. 
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Monday, September 5, 2016

A Look at Torn Banner's Mirage: Arcane Warfare

If you're into disemboweling your opponents in various, creatively gruesome ways, while splashing their blood up and down the walls of the map you happen to be playing, Torn Banner's Mirage: Arcane Warfare may indeed be the game for you. The game has had a 12-minute trailer/gameplay action video released the other day at the Pax West convention in Seattle, looking to offer an insight into the alpha build of a title which is set to fill several shoes apparently. From the said footage, one gets the impression that Torn Banner are revisiting their Chivalry IP, diluting it with a touch of magic to try to turn it into a sort of medieval-themed Overwatch.

Mirage is essentially a multiplayer FPS, which is based on skill and allows players to use a combination of magic and melee to destroy their opponents. The game features no fewer than six different classes, starting with the stealthy assassin and wrapping up with massive brutes and powerful mages. The game is reportedly focused on making players feel truly in control of their weapons and magic abilities.

As far as the trailer is concerned, Mirage: Arcane Warfare isn't particularly impressive from a graphical point of view, in its current state. The animations are chunky and the various fatalities which occur every step of the way, lean towards the ridiculous rather than the impressive. Obviously though, we need to bear in mind that what we're seeing is but the alpha version of a game that may yet grow to be impressive in every way.

The environment already looks more than decent, with its own personality and cartoon-like charm. It is also easy on the eyes in terms of opponent-spotting.

The alpha testing of Mirage: Arcane Warfare is set to kick off sometime in September and registrations are already accepted at the official site of the game.

If you prefer to annihilate your opponents in less gruesome ways, then consider putting your skills to the test and play live dealer casino games instead.

Philip Thalberg has been covering Overwatch events for GGnet since the launch of the game. 
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