Tuesday, April 8, 2008

News Report: Hellgate: London RMT potential

Hellgate: London, an action role playing game released October, 31 2007. Flagship Studios's Director of Technology, Tyler Thompson did an interview with ShackNews in July talking a lot about RMT, gold farming and item trading.

When asked about currency trading, he gave a positive comment, "It's definitely a sign of a healthy economy in a game, when items have value, and currency has value. That's a good thing. If people are actually putting value on those things because they're putting value on their time, that means people are really enjoying and playing the game."

He further elaborated his perspective on the subject, "I'm hoping for a healthy, happy economy, where gold and money has value, items have value, and people will exchange money for the time it takes to find it."

It sounded very encouraging as long as gold farming and other activities did not cause annoyance to other players. Of course, Flagship would keep an eye on things and take counter measures if the problem got out of hand, "If [item sales] look like a problem, we have measures we can take. We can mark a bunch of items no-trade. We can come up with more money trades for players. We can change how much gold you find at high levels."

The issue has already been topic of a heated discussion in the Hellgate Guru forum. One of the members voiced the concern, "I'm not concerned about gold selling. I'm worried about item selling. Unlike wow, items will not bind in hgl. It allows farmers to grind the hell out of the game and sell the possibly best items on their sites, making a big buck.".

Will Hellgate London Palladium have any value? Given Diablo's history, the existence of an actual RMT market would be a massive improvement in terms of a working game economy. It's doubtful if Flagship will stick to this position if the game turns out to be a success while player complaints start to rise.

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