Sunday, June 30, 2019

EVE-Online NPC's Threatening Player Owned Assets & Invading

In 2015, CCP, the developers of EVE-Online started dropping clues of something ominous that was coming. This would later fizzle out as a new NPC faction that didn't have much interaction beyond some Incursions that were mostly ignored. This trailer was dropped by CCP for the event -

In 2018 we were introduced to another new spooky faction named the Triglavians. Not much was known about these NPC's, however, we have had new shiplines added to the game from this NPC faction. Some of the parts gathered from the TriglaviansPvE encounters are used to build these ships, items, and structures that major alliances use in the game to streamline their sovereignty. The Triglaviansalso have invaded high security space and have their own incursion event. This trailer was dropped by CCP for the event -

Yesterday, the long forgotten Drifter NPC faction began roaming around nullsec space (lawless space where players are able to conquer and take control of it). I was actually roaming around in nullsec trying to get some kills and was killed by a roaming pack of Drifter NPC's. I was completely baffled and was one of the first victims of this. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Next, players started reporting Drifter fleets attacking structures. Surely this had to be a bug right? Players petitioned CCP, and were met with a GM response of "working as intended" or along those lines. Here are some shots of the event.

So far I've seen them warp to numerous structures for reinforce, but they seem to take breaks around the asteroid belts as well. So miners beware!

This is a bold move by CCP, and we will see just how bold depending on whether or not these Drifters show up for all three timers (the new structures in EVE have shield, armor, and structure, each with their own respective timer that the attacker has to show up for. Once the structure HP has been destroyed, the actual structure is killed).

EVE is in a desperate need of a shakeup. Currently there is a clear winner in Nullsec, and no one is able to contest them. They have won the game through strategy, guile, industrial might, and perseverance. While what they have done is impressive, it is creating a stagnant game, and EVE has been hemorrhaging players since around 2016/17. There are 3294 nullsec systems in EVE, yet the majority of players are packed into only a few systems. Nullsec in EVE used to be dozens of alliances that were mostly unaligned fighting over space, and sometimes warring with their neighbors. Now most of the map is friendly to each other resulting in the lack of action in the game. Here's to hoping CCP continue this event with the boldness that they started EVE with, as a hard game with true consequences.

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