Saturday, June 29, 2019

Malaysian gaming cafe chain returns to cryptocurrency mining after 2018

One of Malaysia’s largest gaming cafe chains has returned to cryptocurrency mining to fill in the idle hours on empty. The gaming cafe industry is common in Asian countries where gamers prefer to gather together and play in teams.

Cryptocurrency mining boomed mostly after 2017 when Bitcoin price had hit twenty-thousand dollars ($20,000) the all-time-high and people across the globe came pouring into the business. 

Over the years, cryptocurrency mining operations have been suffering across the globe. Between September to December of the year 2018, major mining farms were forced to shut down operations in various countries including South Korea, Malaysia, the United States and China. 

The gaming cafe owner Jun was among the many who had shut down operations in December 2018 but not for the high costs of electricity since his problem was a little different. 

Jun’s chain had implemented a miner on their computer that would allow them to make money on computers already using the electricity. Jun’s customers, however, were not as happy as Jun since the miners would slow down gaming experience if not attended properly. 

The chain has now implemented a mining solution provided by the firm Cudo Miner that would not only allow Jun to meet his revenue targets but would not slow down the gaming experience. 

Jun explains that the custom solution that was made possible in collaboration with Cudo Miner automatically shuts down the miner when the computer resources are in use. The miner only starts operating when the computer is in idle mode.

It’s given us a very welcome stream of extra income, takes very little maintenance, and just quietly gets on with its work, without getting in the way”, Jun the cafĂ© owner 

Cudo Miner team reveals that the mining system can bring the cafe owners about thirty to forty dollars ($30-40) per device, while lower spec gaming systems can generate somewhere between eleven to fifteen dollars ($11-$15) every month.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cudo Miner Matt Hawkins, explains that their company took the challenge with excitement since it gives them an entry into the multi-billion dollar industry and mining can provide extra support to this industry.

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