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Online Bingo: Appealing to the Younger Crowd in 2019

Bingo is a great pastime for many; it’s often played in school for fun as a part of learning numbers and letters. Later in life many people get back into playing bingo for fun. For a long time, when people would think of a bingo hall they would think of elderly men and women streaming in for their weekly social outing with their peers. It’s a stereotype for sure, because people of all ages enjoy bingo, but the stereotype is proving more and more untrue as millennials fall back in love with the game. That’s right, the 20-30-year-old crowd is rediscovering bingo and falling in love all over again, remembering what a good time the game was, and now as a benefit, they can win money playing.

Who is Playing Bingo?

The over 50 crowd has long been the demographic streaming into bingo halls every night to play a few cards as it was a social outing. This hasn’t changed much, but in the last 10 years bingo halls seemed to be attracting fewer and fewer people, so much so that in the UK there were many reports that bingo may be breathing it’s last breaths as it just didn’t have the draw that it used to.

Not so fast! The game has had a resurgence in its popularity and the demographic may be shocking to some people; the 20-30-year-old demographic has rediscovered the game they played in their youth and they are falling back in love with it. In many areas today when you visit a bingo hall you will see that the older demographic is still there having a good time, but sitting side by side with them is a younger, perhaps more hip crowd and it is a welcome site to bingo hall owners who had seen such a downtrend in bingo players.

What’s changed?

What has changed is the younger crowd looking for good, clean fun. This is perhaps the most health-conscious generation in some time, so they are often looking for ways to have fun that don’t always involve drinking and smoking and being out all night. This generation seems to be going in the opposite direction; trying to slow down and get back to basics.

What is better and more basic and fun than a game of bingo?

It’s a game that doesn’t involve skill or a lot of training or instructions so big crowds of friends with diverse interests and backgrounds can get together for some rousing games of bingo. While other casino related games are typically reserved for high rollers, or those who have skill or knowledge about cards, bingo is a game that everyone can play and enjoy with no stress but a lot of excitement. Friends who do enjoy other casino games can still get together with others who aren’t as skilled in those areas and still enjoy gaming because the game can be played and enjoyed by all gaming experience levels. And, for those looking for a bit more involvement, multiple cards can up the ante and make it more of a challenge.

Add to that, this is perhaps the most tech savvy generation of adults, so they have taken to the internet. Bingo opportunities are not just in bingo halls around the world, they are plentiful online. So, this tech savvy generation has found that not only can they stream into local bingo halls with their friends, they can play the game from the comfort of their own home, or even from their mobile device when they are on the go. Online bingo games offer a variety of themes, different ball count games, and the ability to cash in on some big jackpots so those who have started at a brick and mortar bingo hall will have their bingo horizons broadened even more online.

The game is also a great option for this crowd because it doesn’t require much money. Of course, players can spend as much as they like, but it’s not necessary and the excitement of the win still exists and depending where the game is played the winnings can be substantial. Whether or alone or in a crowd, those who are playing bingo can do so relatively affordably as far as entertainment and gaming goes.

Bringing Back a Favorite Pastime

Bingo has always been fun, has been enjoyed for generations and while the numbers of people playing had fallen overall, numbers is on the rise again. This younger generation has effectively breathed new life into the game and is bringing back a favorite pastime, ensuring that future generations will also enjoy this game. While this generation is embracing bingo now, it will be interesting to see how they continue to play as they age and if they do in fact introduce the game to the next generations.

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