Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A few hours ago, (Korea) Maplestory's story reached a conclusion

The Black Mage, which is the big baddie the story has been building up towards, has finally been defeated in the Korean servers of Maplestory. With that, the story has concluded, or so it would seem. Only took 15 years!

The mechanics behind the boss fight was a service wide HP pool, i.e. everyone playing on the Korean version of Maplestory was contributing damage to the same HP bar across 4 phases. This took the Korean server about 3 weeks to completely deplete the bar.

A quick search on Google or Youtube would easily find you the final cinematic, although translations have yet to be posted due to how recent this is.

The fate of Maplestory 1 as a whole is uncertain at the moment, but we'll just have to wait for an announcement by Nexon.

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