Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Missing the RPG aspect of a MMORPG.

Is it sad that I miss what the MMORPG genre used to be? Crafting was a thing, it truely had a purpose and it would be considered a class onto itself. 

The games were not built upon hundreds of thousands of quests, instead it was build around player interaction & creativity. 

Expansions did not make older content obsolete, it just added more depth & flavor to the existing game. 

There were seldom any instances and you actually had to interact with all kinds of people. Whether they be an asshole or a nice person.

I remember building up decent suits for a few newbie players. We also had interactions with people when we were trying to buy or sell things. 

There were no pre-built auction houses and we had players who made their own and it actually wasan auction house and yes there were more honest players then not who ran the auction houses as well. Of course there were bad

I want a MMO that has actually earned the title of MMO(RPG) amd was not just given it because of convenience.

Maby it all disappeared when people started viewing games as literal "games" that were meant to be defeated or solved, rather than an alternate life/ new worlds to explore and discover.

My own personal example would be Runescape circa 2008 where nobody knew wtf they were doing and were just logging on to do random things, incidentally level up random skills and just played it however they wanted while exploring and discovering the world.

Nowadays all you'll see are "pures" that have essentially "solved" the game in terms of highest dps, most efficient form of combat, highest gold per hour tasks etc.

This scenario can be applied to most other games as well.

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