Tuesday, August 7, 2018

I miss how I would sit down and play Runescape for 15 hour sessions 10-15 years ago.

And it is sadder that there is no modern equivalent.

The idea of sitting down with a drink and some food and grinding out some progress in a game (and then not eating all day) that was designed around taking a long time to complete. Interacting with the community (on forums, this was before Facebook was really a thing) and writing guides on how to do content was something I frequently did in my teenage years and I don't see a modern equivalent these days.

Everything these days seems to have a catch. You have seasonal content (e.g. raid progression for an expansion), content on average isn't worth playing beyond its rewards, and everything seemingly worth obtaining is cosmetic and locked behind a microtransaction shop. I remember for example, doing achievements to obtain a super unique / useful item. Does that even exist in MMOs anymore?

On and these games weren't difficult in that you didn't need a dedicated team to enjoy the game. There were no "one shot" mechanisms (well there were a couple really but they were super end game) and it felt like there was a heart and soul attached to actual weekly updates and not (half) yearly ones, this basically meant you always had something new to do and felt good about doing it because everything you did you could do in some communal way.

I am only writing this up because I really want that experience again, but it's been 10-15 years and nothing new has come out as far as I know that captures this feeling and what's old is in the past and not worth playing.

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