Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guild Wars 2: Flame and Frost

As you may or may not have already seen, Arenanet is getting ready to release their next big game patch called Flame and Frost. With this addition to the game, they will be implementing a lot of exciting new content. Starting January 28th, 2013, the prelude to Flame and Frost will begin!

Temple of the Silent Storm Week
This exciting content will begin January 28th and go until February 4th, and consists of paid tournaments being able to participate in two-team/single-round battles. After this first week both free and paid tournament rounds will be available.

Improved Achievement System
Arenanet will be improving the achievement system by adding new daily achievements, as well as a new interface UI for that very purpose.

Achievement Laurels
These will be awarded to you for completing the monthly achievements and can be used to purchase Ascended gear and infusions.

This new feature allows for you to play on a friends server, ignoring your current home server. You can guest with your friends from other worlds in the same region, such as North America and Europe. Guesting is free, but if you would like to join your friends permanently on the server you will have to use gems to transfer over.

New Utility Infusions and Ascended Amulets
There will be new gear being added with the new content. Five new utility infusions and thirty Ascended Amulets will be implemented for any style of player.

Other Upgrades and Improvements
World versus World will have enhanced performance, level dynamics in the game will be tweaked, as well as many UI changes.

You can view the whole prelude article here:https://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/releases/january-2013/

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