Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shroud of the avatar - new project of Ultima Online creator "Lord British"

Yes - you've heard it right, Richard Garriott, also known as Lord British, creator of The Ultima Online is
back with his new project - Shroud of the Avatar!

Before you even try to think "sigh... another mmo..." -stop! it's not going to be anything like most of the popular mmo's currently available on the marker. Hell, it's not even going to be anything like most of the RPG games currently available! Instead, Shroud of the Avatar is going to take us back to the very roots of Role Playing games. But what does it exactly means? Well, there's none else who can explain it better than the Lord British himself, lets see what he have to say about his new project, shall we?

Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter Trailer:

Excited already? Good! After watching the video and seeing how Richard actually cares to deliver the best
game possible to the future Shroud of the Avatar players, how much refreshing experience it's going to be, You might think - "ok, but where's the catch?" Well, there is one. There's a price that Lord British have to pay for
creating the independent project, and that price is 1,000,000$.

As you might have already noticed, the trailer we've linked is a "Kickstarter trailer", let me explain quickly what "kickstarter" is - it's a funding platform for creative projects like Films, music, arts, designs and of course games. On that platform any creative individual can start gathering founds for his own project, all he / she / they have to do is set the amount of founds they need to kickstart their project and start taking donations.

And here comes the important part - As already mentioned Shroud of the Avatar project needs 1,000,000$
which can be acquired through Kickstarter platform, but how does this exactly work? It's actually very simple, if you want to help this awesome (AWESOME!) project, all You have to do is to visit Shroud of the Avatar website and pledge the money via kickstarter platform. But that's not all - each contribution to the project above 30$ will be awarded with various privileges from guaranteed Beta access all the way up to joining Richard "Lord British" Garriott in a personal tour of the actual Britannia Manor and its collections in real world!

For more information visit official Shroud of the Avatar website and the kickstrater SotA platform project-page.

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