Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Sign-Up and The Alliances Cinematic Trailer

Bethesda Softworks has just announced BETA sign-up for their upcoming MMO Game - The Elder Scrolls Online!

For those of You who don't know The Elder Scrolls series (or more accurate: think they don't know The Elder Scrolls series) It's also worth reminding that their 5th game was better known as "Skyrim", and if someone still don't know what it means - yes it will be very much alike skyrim, but this time in the form of MMORPG!

Without wasting any more of your time, lets watch new cinematic and sign-up for BETA (link under the video)

Link to Beta Sign-up for The elder Scrolls online can be found here:

Good luck with getting in to the beta tests!

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