Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WithGames - In depth

Withgames is a provider of in game currency and services for MMORPGs. The company was found in 2006 by Chen, Xui Wu. Main operation is based in China. The company provides english speaking front end phone contact for US and Canadian customers although information in the website and live support are often in broken english. The company may ask for personal information such as telephone or fax number to verify the order or call if problems arise. Delivery usually takes 45 minutes to 90 minutes or longer depending on situations. Virtual currency delivery is handled by in game mail with the exception of WoW gold which the company only offers face to face delivery. The company specifically states in its disclaimer the website is under the laws of China. A Guild Wars guild, Guild Eod, is supported by advertisement from Withgames.

Withgames receives a ranking of 170,571 according to website traffic analysis by Compete.com. Comparing to another popular sellers, Swagvault ranks at 144,763. While the industry leader, IGE sits comfortably at 23,988. Putting them together, the graph shows Withgames and Swagvault have been fiercely competing and taking turns in losing and winning although none of them have ever taken over the champion, IGE. Please note this analysis only focuses on U.S. internet population.

The company has not yet been rated by Bizrate however some negative comments have been left. In the Complaints board, a customer had a horrible experience with the customer support and never had gold delivered. A couple of customers in WoW Cheat forum complained about non-english speaking support and delay delivery time and partial gold received. A Person from A Age of Conan exploit forum ordered powerleveling service but was not completed. He also agreed on customer support problem.

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