Monday, June 9, 2008

New Seller Profile: Itemgarden

In this report we take a closer look at one of the more well known companies in the industry: Itemgarden are a Chinese company having front end contacts in the West. Presence in a reputable country and ability to communicate in English is one of key factors customers look out for.

Itemgarden - In depth
Itemgarden is one of the leading virtual currency and service suppliers for MMORPGs. The company operates from both U.S. and China. The website has been online since May 2004 and built a good reputation in the industry. The company has many supporters recommending customers to the website.

According to Alexa who gives websites ranking based on web traffic information, Itemgarden takes a position at 85,838 while the industry's leader IGE is at 33,588. The company did not make any significant progress until 2006 where a huge jump of web traffic brought them more business opportunities. Customers are from both U.S. and European countries such as Greece, France, Spain, and U.K.

Mmowned has a favorable review of the company. The reviewer highly recommends the site although the price was not the cheapest. Similarly, the Edge of Nowhere forum gave it a good overall score. A user called mankin from Mmomven forum agreed on its merit but was more critical with their customer service. Gitfan from Mmoglider forum also had some languages problem with live support.

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Admin on July 1, 2008 at 7:11 PM said...

Do not do business with Item Garden. I tried to buy 3K gold for WoW. It has been 13 days since my payment cleared and I still have not received my gold. Their customer service is horrible. I have had to complain to Paypal, but we all know how that turns out...

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