Thursday, May 4, 2017

Just because an MMO doesn't have over a million players doesn't make its playerbase "weak" or "dying".

People  need to be setting the standard for how we speak of quality games. Aren't you getting tired of saying a game is "dying" because it doesn't have 10,000,000 players? Aren't our standards a little high because we've set an expectation of perfection?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been poured into games based on empty words and tricking you into thinking features of the game will be what triggers your nostalgia.

Games like Ultima Online are still around. How many people play that game? Seriously? Is it dead?

Eve Online has 30,000 players and I see people speaking of this like they are failing. Thirty thousand is more people than some city population, guys. Lighten up and show some grace to these companies.

I'm not writing this to offend you. Or shock you. I just feel like most people are correlating population (which is really marketing ability) with quality. 

Some games out there truly are great but the standard of your nostalgia- not the actual game you experienced back then, but your nostalgia- diminishes any opportunity of joy that you could find in a game that developers poured their hearts into.

That's all guys. Take it with a grain of salt, eh?

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