Wednesday, June 11, 2008

IGXE - In depth

Igxe is another well known virtual currency seller in the market. The company was established in 2001 with corporations in the US, Hong Kong and later expanded to China. The website has been online since 2004. The company operates two websites, and each tailored to service customers in the US and China respectively. Later in 2006, Igxe acquired another currency seller in China, and consolidated it under the Igxe China operation.

The main website ranks in Alexa website ranking at 88,140 while the biggest competitor, IGE takes the higher spot at 33,588. The company gradually grew and peaked around the end of 2005. The growth dropped and stabled down during 2006 and became steady.

Customers have mixed opinions when it comes to IGXE: Mmorpg service review gave them a bronze award - only to be beaten by GamePal and IGE. Verigame gave it slightly lower rating because of the experienced broken english and misinformation. A few customers were found complaining in the Ripoff Report. Spyder complained he did not receive his CD key. Alexandra experienced some difficulties with the power leveling service which, however, were resolved.

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