Monday, June 19, 2023

Perfect New World: New Developments in the Horizon for the Upcoming Beta Test


The Eastern Fantasy Game, Perfect New World, conducted its first Exploratory Closed Beta Test last month, and the developers at IRONCORE GAME STUDIO have been tirelessly working since then to improve the game based on invaluable feedback from the community of Soul Tamers. Recently, the team shared a post-mortem of the test, detailing an array of changes that they plan to incorporate before the launch of the next Closed Beta Test​​.

Firstly, the World Map gameplay content is set for an expansion. The developers are introducing additional exploration details and interactive elements to create a more dynamic and realistic in-game world. Moreover, the addition of map tiles with diverse styles and themes promises to render unique scenes, buildings, and cultural features, contributing to a vibrant, immersive world for players​​.

In response to player feedback, the game will be expanded with more Class types, offering players a greater range of options to choose from and adding to the appeal of a diverse class pool. IRONCORE GAME STUDIO is also focusing on refining the game controls to ensure a smoother and more satisfying combat experience​​.

The studio has expressed its intention to investigate the possibility of a Fair PvP mode. This mode will allow players to test their skills against each other in a balanced environment. The inclusion of this mode is indicative of the developers' commitment to maintaining fairness in gameplay. This is complemented by the introduction of a multiplayer battleground with new modes, each designed to offer unique in-game objectives and challenges​​.

The narrative aspect of Perfect New World is also being honed to deliver more engaging Story Missions and side quests. The developers aim to provide players with deeper character interactions and additional lore about the world, enhancing the overall immersive experience​.

Significant improvements are also anticipated in the gear system. Each weapon will have its own distinct features, allowing players to create unique builds comprising their Weapons, Spirit Beasts, and Talents. This move is expected to diversify combat and offer a broader range of options to players​​.

On the performance front, the developers have pledged to optimize game performance, including the improvement of frame rates. This will ensure that the game runs smoothly on a wider array of hardware, making it more accessible to a broader audience​​.

Community building is another priority for IRONCORE GAME STUDIO. The team plans to create a more cohesive community by adding more social and interactive features. Interestingly, a significant portion of player feedback revolved around the inability to skip storylines. In response, the developers are enabling players to bypass story aspects they may find uninteresting, thus allowing them to return to the action quicker​.

Last but not least, the developers aim to enhance the character customization experience, providing a wider range of options for players to make their characters more visually appealing. It is expected that these changes will be available for testers in the next closed beta session, the announcement for which is eagerly awaited. According to the recent update, IRONCORE is confident that they will be able to implement many of these changes by the time of the next beta test​​.

In conclusion, Perfect New World is shaping up to be a game that listens to its community and constantly evolves based on feedback. As we wait for the next beta test, the roadmap of improvements and additions suggests exciting times ahead for the players of this Eastern Fantasy Game.

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