Monday, November 7, 2022

Project Gorgon Anyone?

I don't see that game being discussed on here very often - I've been playing it since the early demo. It was not very polished at that point, but there was something very appealing about the gameplay to me and so I kept checking back in with it. 
Finally, early this year, I just decided the devs had earned my money and I bought it at full price. It's probably the most in-depth RPG I've ever played. Every single item in the game has some value, somewhere. 

Every NPC is hand crafted with unique dialogue. Every NPC sells different and unique items.

Accomplishing even the most trivial quest seems rewarding. You gain levels in literally everything, so you're constantly leveling up a laundry list of skills at all times. Everywhere you turn, there's a reward for your efforts in some capacity.

Anyway, I'd say the game now has really materialized into a high quality game. It really reminds me of what Vanguard could have been in a lot of ways. My 2 biggest issues with it were performance and graphics, the game pretty much looked terrible and ran poorly to boot. That's now fixed, the game isn't jaw dropping by any means, but it has come a long way and has some really pretty environments. 

It's one of those games that really grows on you. At first, it might seem a little clunky, but the longer you invest time into it, the more you realize what a true work of art it is and the Devs have been regularly pumping out meaningful updates for years.

I recommend trying the free demo

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