Monday, February 11, 2019

Anarchy Online Still Alive!

Just wanted to share some screenshots from walking around today. There are plenty of people playing AO, and if you're wondering if you should come back, you should!

Yesterday, I teamed up with 3-4 people to do Ado brain quest, and there were two other teams running through to kill last boss, that we actually had to wait in line for respawn.

Arete is full of new characters all the time (I always see 3-5 new toons at spawning platform), and some of them are actually new players asking questions in OOC.

Last night, Battlestations were lit up (probably for ICC dailies) and queue was pretty instant... did 3x matches in a row without waiting. (and they weren't a bunch of multiboxers either)

I took the following screenshots after helping someone from another org make an implant, and assisted with some Mantis dailies


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