Sunday, January 13, 2019

How I started playing Lineage 2 Classic

This winter I found myself alone at the party: two of my best friends got children in 2017 and were busy with their families, whereas my romantic partnership wasn’t promising at all, as my fiance left for Bolonge for studies. So I decided that nothing can cheer me up better than long winter evenings spent in a fantasy world, and that is why I started looking for an MMORPG to play. I was nostalgic for the old Lineage 2, like C4 Interlude Chronicles. So I browsed through the options.

There are freeshards, but the servers don’t live long, they open and close quickly. I didn’t want to lose my game values or donate much, so I began to look at the official publishers. It turned out that Korean developers have released Lineage 2 Classic. They call it ‘a relaunch of the legendary MMORPG with old school mechanics and modern interface’. I decided to give it a try.

There are NA and EU servers. After doing a research about NA servers, I dropped them. People say that you can’t achieve much with the free version, but the in-game store is a pure pay-to-win. So I decided that I would play on the EU server Skelth by paid subscription system. The class of summoners is famous for its self-sufficiency, so I chose it. I created a beautiful blonde female elf :3

I received a Newbie gift at start. This is a special set that helps new players to evolve their characters with lvl ups. I got a temporary C grade equipment and a special item to wear it without penalty.

The grind was easy enough and I fully enjoyed the beauty of the starting locations. It was exciting to come back here after so many years. You may notice that the graphics of the game has been improved.

Just watching the world is very nice. The eye truly rejoices around. Lore is far from the main point of Lineage 2, but exploring the world is very interesting. Perhaps, I will find some time and make a post about the world of this game.

I raised level 20 pretty quickly and made a quest for the first profession transfer. This was the first significant step towards this large open world grind and PvP content. Now I was a real elf magician! In a heavy armor ha-ha ​​(I just ran out of mana).

I thought that in C grade equip I could farm Cruma Tower (location 40+), but the monsters quickly explained me where my place was :D. Kind Seytoon set me on the right way to destroy gnolls. Thanks, dude!

Here I quickly got into my first group! We destroyed the gnolls all night long. To be honest, I even feel sorry for them, someday anybody should have to stand up for their rights …

Lineage 2 wouldn’t be Lineage without PvP. Other players wanted to take away our delicious spot. I found myself a skilled magician: you know, when you’ve learned to PvP 8 years ago, you’ll never lose that skill :D.

The character receives different items that simplify the gameplay upon reaching lvls. It is really nice that I don’t need to be low lvl guy for too long. The game doesn’t bother.

There are beautiful transforms with buffs among these items.

Various events cheer up in Lineage 2. In my case, it was Christmas mood. Daily 3 hours buff raised character stats and exp gaining. So sweeet gift animation ^_^

Some time after, I joined a small clan with new players like me. We were group farming Crume tower and just yabber in chat in the evenings. Like in the good old days :)

When clan members are offline, I can almost always find a group. But you can also solo exp or farm party trains. I rotate one with another.

The main interest of any Lineage 2 server are sieges and the presence of strong enemy clans. The dream of each player is to capture Aden castle by his/her clan. So I immediately went to see how things are going there.

There are two big sides that hold several clans in each: Hydra & Legacy. From a conversation with a high-level player, I learned that Legacy usually wins most of the global battles.

However, I saw how Hydra captured the main castle - Aden during the last sieges. It follows that the forces on the server may well compete. I can’t wait to raise my level and take part personally in these epic battles!

Thank you for reading. I hope that this post may help some of you choose the MMO you like, and maybe I’ll even find party mates  lol. I’ll be happy if you share your impressions in the comments!

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