Monday, June 19, 2017

Why you will hate Black Desert Online

I am one of the biggest fan boys of this game, played for the good portion of the last year, GM of a casual style pvp guild. I have had a lot of members come and go from this game due to a ton of various reasons. And while I DO suggest this game to anyone who wants to try it, I will list the reasons why people WILL dislike the game.

P2W arguement - BDO fans will cringe when reading this but it is a concern to many of the playerbase. Base price of the game is $10, but it should be considered an entry fee. If you truely like the game then yes, you should probably spend additional money. Keep in mind the money spent is up to what you want to do. If you want to fish, probably want inventory, if you want to life skill, probably want a processing suit, if you grind a lot, probably want pets. People put crazy price tags out there because that is what they spent. I spent a lot of money on this game because I chose to, but never felt like I needed to. Coming from games like AA and Skyfrog where you needed to pay to even keep up to players that can not be said of bdo. The biggest questionably item is Artisans Memory, which does reduce repair costs which can save you a TON of money in the long haul. Selling cash shop items on the marketplace has little or no affect on the game, and the majority of the people who do it are trying to get a friend a costume they want. So there are benefits to being a wallet warrior, but in the end the game if very very very play to win. The person who spends more time in the game will be stronger, no matter how you slice it.

Server Lag - Right now this is the BIGGEST issue with BDO. Even for top end computers servers are way too overloaded and need serious work. There are times in the game where the lag can be devastating, especially around 8pm - 10pm est. This was not always the case with the game, so we are hoping there is some relief, especially with the amount of money they made on steam.

CPU issues - I had to completely upgrade my computer for this game. Most gamers have pretty decent graphics cards but this game will require a lot of ram usage. People will complain about popping in a bunch as well, depending on your spec it will be more prevalant.

Lack of Dungeons/Raids. This game does not have dungeons or raids. There are maybe 3 grind areas currently that require a party to be efficient because they are the "dungeons." All bis gear are just drops from random mobs in grind areas.

Lack of group content. While this may change in the future, there is little reason to group up in this game. To min/max experience, groups can be good for that, but you will make less money rather then solo. Main group content is node wars and pvp. A good guild that is able to create its own content is suggested.

PvP - This game does focus on pvp on its major end game content, otherwise why spend in all the countless hours grinding and making money. Some people do not like being attacked in the open world, for little to no reason other then entering someones spot.

Gear Dependant PvP - Having decent gear is mandatory in this game for pvp. Doesn't need to be best in slot anything, but around 400-450 gear score would be considered minimum. Similar to being max level in another mmo would be important. People often hear BDO PvP being filled with one shot mechanics, and that is not very far from the truth. Two extremely geared players will be doing almost a chess match of who can hit there cc and try and one combo a player. Think of it this way, if its your first boxing match and you keep your gloves down, youll probably be knocked out in one hit. Skilled pvp does exist and good fights are fast paced and enjoyable.

Class Balance - Not all classes are great in node wars. Balance always changes in MMO's but they don't plan to nerf any classes, just buff others. This sometimes infuriates a player when they get to endgame and there class is not seen as meta. All classes are fine as long as you have gear.

The Level Grind - Ok, people hate the grind, I get that. Personally I hate being told to go kill 500 mobs for a quest, when Id rather just kill the mobs I want. But thats beside the point. Level 56 is pretty easy to obtain where you get your awakening weapon. Id say roughly 8 hours of gameplay, maybe 10-12 for new new players. After that leveling isn't crazy important. Around level 58 you get basically all of your skills. Most players hit the wall when you hit 56 then see level 57 start taking forever. Its not meant to happen in a week, even though some people do it that way.

Lack of Instant Gratification - This game is a marathon and not a sprint. I often critisize the game for being almost too play 2 win. Logging on every day is the most important thing you can do to progress your characters. People are used to normal mmos where you can hardcore for a week, get to end game and be able to be on the level of most players, just need to go grind out some dungeons, but you have your starter end game set. Not in BDO. It will take a good month for a new player, even if playing hard, to start reaching starter end game gear.

Punishing RNG - So RNG isn't as bad in BDO as it is in Archeage. It can be very very expensive to get your gear upgraded but armor and weapons do not "break." Accessories do though. 0 to +15 for weapon and armors only destroy max durability which can be repaired but can be expensive depending on the piece. Pri can not down grade, Duo can not downgrade, Going to Tri will downgrade to Pri on fail, going to Tet will downgrade to Duo on fail, going to Pen will downgrade to Tri on fail. Tri gear for armor and weapons is what people will shoot for, and the idea of your gear downgrading does hurt. Accesories will break on any fail, and you can blow billions in a day without getting any increase. You can USUSALLY buy starter upgrades, such as duo accesories (through pre-order) and tri basic armor. With the influx of new players there is a shortage. There are plenty of players who refuse to RNG at all with there gear and buy everything.

Leaving your CPU on 24/7 - Game has too many afk activities that you feel obligated to always leave your cpu on. This is a plus to people who work a lot who feel they can still progress even if not home, but can be a negative if you dont want to leave your cpu running all the time.

Lack of Direction - This game basically says to you, go make money. You can do it in a number of different ways, fishing, processing, gathering, alchemy, cooking, horse training, hunting, grinding, boss hunting, trading, farming, or just getting a ton of contribution and making a worker empire. You would need to figure out what you love to do, or dabble in a bit of everything. Game is in is basic form a money making simulator. There are not quests that are required, there is nothing that you have to do, besides one black spirit quest at 49 to unlock level 50.

Comparing your progress to others - People compare what they have done to others and get discouraged. It can take a long time to get even one upgrade and sometimes there are a few set backs in the road. You never have to be the best, and you probably won't. But making small goals certainly helps stay focused.

I understand if these are the reasons you stopped playing or didn't like BDO. The game by no means is perfect. It is certainly my favorite MMO out at the moment, as are a few people in this subreddit. After a year the majority of players have made up there mind on this game one way or another. I am just curious as to what the reason is that you hated BDO?

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