Saturday, May 27, 2017

'Wild West Online' MMO could be over before it starts

So like many of you, I am extremely interested in WWO. It has given us hope that while we probably won't get Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC for a while, we can at least play the next best thing.

However the game may possibly have heavy ties with the one and only Sergey Titov. This man is a con artist and the following video shows how he may be tied to the game and sheds some light on why you should avoid his 'games'.

 Hopefully this is not the case and everything stated in the video is just a coincidence. Developers have yet to confirm or deny Sergey's involvement.

To shed some light on who Sergey Titov is, he has been the lead developer on games that have been surrounded with controversy.

To mention a few, these include War Z, Infestation Survivor Stories, Shattered Skies, and Big Rigs Racing. These games always have attractive staged screenshots and the promise of big features.

However what the games are is extremely rushed (always a short development time) to cash in on other games successes - such as DayZ, and always reusing assets+animations+code, etc. All these projects are initially announced to not be P2W, however microtransactions and horrible P2W practices are implemented before the game is quickly abandoned. The games are always abandoned shortly after release, leaving them buggy, ugly and full of hackers.

The publishers are liquidated before being brought back as a 'New' company to cover their tarnished history. Forums are a dictatorship where any negative post or thread is removed and developers (even Sergey himself) referring to the playerbase as a bunch of 'fa**ots'. For me, what is one of the most shadiest moves to date is they stopped selling WarZ on steam, removed all trace of it from the store only to bring it back as 'Infestation Survivor Stories' to get a few more bucks from unsuspecting buyers.

Then, of course, they once again abandoned this game.

So interestingly enough, the engine has now been confirmed as the same as WarZ's, Infestation, etc. however they said that Sergey is NOT involved. They said they chose this engine because it provides good anti-hacking measures (false) and out-of-the-box features for an MMO. They then deleted the thread and a bunch of posts that they considered 'not contribution'.

So I started a new thread on the forum, being respectful expressing concerns over the engine they've chosen, especially when there is indie friendly engines that are more powerful and have a less bad reputation as Unreal. You know, starting a discussion and getting opinions.

The thread was closed and all existence has now been removed. I got no message stating why this is the case, but I had about 8 posts on the thread within an hour prior to removal. I then posted on another thread that was discussing at least the topic of threads/posts being removed as to whether people thought this was appropriate. I stated it was inappropriate to remove threads if they are being respectful, as long as a discussion was being provided.

Said thread was then locked, and I was issued a warning stating that I was spreading misleading information and to stop. I clearly stated that I was providing opinions based on factual situations. This is all extremely reminiscent of how every Sergey game forum have been run. I knew something like this could happen if I was being aggressive, so I was ACTIVELY remaining respectful wherever possible and stating I that I was only posting to gain other peoples thoughts.

 I have been an active contributor of forums for over 10 years, providing both aggressive and passive opinions, and this is the second time I've been dealt with a warning/ban. The first from WarZ forums for expressing concern. To me, this does not look good, therefor I can't say I believe them on denying Sergey's involvement.

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