Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tree of Savior: Easier Full Clear Maps

For those of you who are perfectionists and wants to clear the map with full map explored AND complete the Monster Kill Counts for extra rewards from the Wings of Vibora NPCs found in towns, you might have come across some cases where the monster you need to kill has an insanely low spawn rate/count.

For Example

In Cobalt Forest there is a monster called Upent which you have to kill 36 times in order to qualify for a reward from the Wings of Vibora NPC. Sounds simple enough and the kill count isn't as high as some monsters you have to kill 200~500 times right?

The most annoying part is, this guy spawns randomly across the map. Now factor in the possibility of other players and bots that are questing/leveling/[Or Farming Silver if it's a bot] and you'll be on that map for an hour or more trying to find a Upent to kill because other players and bots will try to kill it as well.

My advice is always make sure you keep track of what kind of mobs are spawned with some of the quests you can pick up from the area as there's a good chance you can pick up a quest that instantly spawn these more elusive monsters in a phased quest zone.

For this example, there is a quest you can pick up from the Andale Village Headman and the quest is called [Main] A Drowsy Scent

Pick up the quest and head on over to northwestern part of the map where the quest indicates and upon arriving you'll find 4 Sleeping Upents.

Once you interact and start the encounter it will take you into a phased part of the map where you need to fight the 4 Upents and 3 villagers who turned into monsters. What you want to do is kill the 4 Upents which will then count towards your kill count and then kill the ghosts.

After you kill the ghosts you'll be phased back onto the map and you should now be able to Backspace and it will teleport you to the next part of the Quest Chain. What you want to do here is open up your Quest Log [F5], look through quest log and press the X on the quest to Abandon the quest.

After you abandon it, go back to the original Quest NPC who gave you the quest, in this case Andale Village Headman. Speak to him again and accept the quest, run over to the encounter, rinse and repeat. You'll potentially save yourself a lot of time using the same method with different maps because killing monsters in phased quest encounters still counts towards your kill count.

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