Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Warcraft Hits Theatres to Mixed Reviews

Recreating the complexity of the World of Warcraft through a motion picture with an obviously limited length, has never been an easy task and indeed the finished product, which has recently hit theatres all over the US, bears the unmistakable marks of this massive burden. By portraying both humans and orks in a favorable, empathic light, the creators of the movie may have bitten off more than they could handle: the movie does indeed feel like a bit too much was attempted to be crammed into it...and at the end of the day, in many respects, it fails on this account.

There are so many characters, that the LOTR-like collection of motley heroes fails to gain a meaningful depth personality-wise. The whole setup and the way the characters are brought into the fold feels like an inherently faulty one, failing to immerse the audience into the portrayed world, the way The Fellowship of the Ring so successfully did in LOTR's case.

Still though, fans of the MMO will certainly appreciate the film, as effects-wise its foundations are sturdy and the visuals it delivers are nothing short of stunning, action-laden scene after scene. Durotan's character is arguably the strongest and the most visually appealing as well, so it's safe to say that the ork chieftain is the one who carries the movie. The premise of the movie is a far cry from the original Warcraft series which has the orks squarely down for villains. Had the two-faceted approach not been dictated by the later developments of WoW, one might even say the films reeks of a certain dose of PC...then again, it is much more "realistic" this way, just not particularly suited for a two-hour format.

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