Tuesday, June 7, 2016

AHK aimbot for overwatch.

IMPORTANT (1.8.2016), Since it's being used for nefarious purposes I removed the script and .exe. Probably should've done it week ago, but such is life. Those who have the script, feel free to translate it to your chosen language (not ahk or autoit) and enjoy the banfree aimbotting.
If you're doing a direct translation then be sure to inject your script into anything else that uses gdi+ and would get a handle to Overwatch, like OBS, Fraps and etc.

IMPORTANT (24.7.2016), after getting a heads up from Stebe I found the bot on couple other public forums as well which means that probably some time in the futuretime blizzard will look for it for a while so the decent 'safety' from just not being known has been lifted.
For those who value their account even a little bit, i'd recommend not using it ever again and for those who really don't, I'd recommend not using the bot.exe since that's all that's been leaked and probably what blizzard will look for as well

Grown quite tired/bored of overwatch so figured I'd release the aimbot I made during the open beta and used every now and then after it.
Doing it on the Elite forums so it won't be 'instabanned'.

Written in AHK as the title name suggests and to run it you'll need gdip.ahk which can be found via google (unless ya'll want a compiled version in which case I can do that).
Overwatch needs to be run in windowed-borderless, unsurprisingly and since I usually just tinker with it rather than actually use it in games, you'll have to rerun the script whenever you alt-tab out (can fix if need be).

The performance is pretty decent and it's capped to 'act' at 60fps which I've felt is good enough since even with a bit crummier computer it'll be <15ms br="" fairly="" finish="" it="" loop="" making="" one="" reliable.="" to="">
It searches the healthbar as it's the only reliable color source (not transparent and the color range i'm searching for doesn't appear anywhere else except on main menu).

Due to it looking for healthbar only, there is the downside of you having to shoot at the target to pop it up and start the tracking.

At the same time though, it makes the whole thing look a whole lot more legit and imo it feels fairly intuitive.

Run it when overwatch is already running so it can get a handle to it and it should also activate the overwatch window. If all is gucci, then you should see a red rectangle on top of overwatch and that's the search area as well.
Whenever it finds a target, the red rectangle 'turns' to smaller green and increases in size whenever it doesn't find a matching color.

..and here is the script,

Removed to reduce the amount of people who are adding malware, compiling and sharing it.

Link to compiled script, (removed to reduce the amount of people who are using it to scam) (15.7.2016, II)
Used the default compiler for it so it probably gives 1 or 2 false positives.

If you have ahk installed, c+p the script into an .ahk file, then download gdip.ahk and drop it in the same folder as script and just double click the script to run it.
To terminate the script it press right shift.

Been messing with it for a while trying some working and some not so much working things so there might be some remnants of those in that script, but none of them should be interfering with the aimbot.
If the aimbot 'overshoots'/yoyos over the target, then increase "mouse_div" and if it feels sluggish then reduce it till it overshoots and start increasing by increments of 0.1.

Anyway, leave a comment on how it works, if it doesn't, "needs further instructions, got dick stuck in a fan" and/or if there is some feature/behavior you'd like to see.
Might not improve it, but that's why I posted the source and if someone wants to give me a small donation of one million dollars then that would be nice.

Update, (15.7): Rewrote the bot pretty much from start again. Uses a bit different way to get a match resulting in a lot less false positives and a significant speed improvement. Instead of searching row by row from top left (as is the norm), it searches from your cursor+offset.

The gui is now a tooltip instead of an actual window giving a bit more obscurity so things like this won't happen and tell blizzard exactly how to fix this (the H on green background is a telltale sign of AHK, not a problem in itself, but becomes a problem when it comes to aimbots instead of halfassed macros).
Kudos to whoever shared the script with him or is spreading it around.

To bring up the gui/tooltip, press Delete, Home or F12.
There is few different tabs to which you get to by pressing right/left arrow on the tab names (top row).
To navigate and change the values use the arrow keys.
On the profile page there is also the "Mode" option from which you can select specific heroes and those settings will be saved for that 'profile'/hero.

If the tracking feels sluggish try increasing or decreasing to make it more snappy..
The alternative search method isn't functional yet so does nothing.

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