Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why my wife and I are back playing Asheron’s Call

UO was my first game, AC hers. We’ve been an MMORPG partner. We’ve run guilds, been involved in great communities, through games like DAoC, Shadowbane, Horizons, SWTOR,  Warhammer, WoW, LOTRO, and a bunch more (heck we even did Toon Town for a bit). I’ve beta tested a SHIT TON and she and I have played even more.

We’ve been getting bored in LOTRO and had been feeling nostalgic and went and bought two copies of AC (had to buy it again). Graphics are, well, very dated – but, hey, it’s a retro game!

But there are things about the game that I recalled loving, and no other game really captured as much of.

The skill system. I forgot how refreshing it was to not have a guided skill tree and instead have an actual skill system.

Open, seemingly seamless world. One area melds into another, you can run pretty much anywhere, as long as you can out run anything that chases you.

Everything aggros (outside of newb area). Everything.

You can dodge spells. Yeah, I remembered that, the quick key jump aside to miss the long range war spells.

You can use your environment in combat. Not quite FPS style, but you can take advantage of the method of the map and coding, the hard corners, to block other enemies. In fact I did just that last night to escape death.

Your body blocks enemies. You can hold a door.

There are a lot of things missing, but it’s still the one game where running through the desert fighting random mobs is exactly like running through the Sahara fighting random mobs.

In fact we’re having so much fun I’m thinking Turbine needs to do a reboot.

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