Friday, December 12, 2014

Borderlands Online announced!… for release in China

Imagine it, all of Pandora to explore, then an expansion on the moon, and perhaps other planets. Bouncing through an expanded Sanctuary, filled with thousands of other players in all sorts of outfits, participating with friends and strangers in a giant hundred-person battle against Mecha-Crawmerax, or piling into a Technical for an impromptu race. I have long thought Borderlands would make a brilliant MMO, and it seems 2K agrees, as it has now announced Borderlands Online. Unfortunately, it’s only coming to China.

Fortunately, it looks like we won’t be missing out on my brilliant ideas, because, as VG247notes, Borderlands Online will be a free-to-play title available on PCs and mobile devices.

A collaboration between 2K, Gearbox and Chinese internet gaming giant Shanda Inc, the game will be developed by 2K China, who previously localised 2K games into Chinese and produced ports of other 2K games to mobile and handheld devices. Dear 2K, please make my Borderlands Online instead.

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