Friday, November 21, 2014

Lost Ark Online: Taking MMORPG Environments and Hack’n Slash Action One Step Further

Like everything Blizzard do these days, Diablo III is a major success. On second thought, it is much more than that…It is the sort of MMORPG that sets a benchmark in the genre, and as such, it is obviously a game all other hack and slash games aspire to be like. Clones have sprung up all over – as it always happens after a successful Blizzard release – and while some of these don’t exactly deserve a second look, Lost Ark Online, made by Korean developer Tripod Studio and published by Smilegate, is in a class of its own.

While a clone of Diablo III it certainly is, as evidenced by the basic mechanics of the action and by the overall concept of game-play, Lost Ark Online looks extremely interesting, at least as far as we could tell from the ~8 minute long trailer video released to the public. What makes it this interesting?

The game rips Diablo off so well, that it may just end up taking hack and slash to an entirely new level. The environments of the game are absolutely breath-taking, setting a brand new benchmark graphics-wise. They aren’t monotonous either: from lush elven-looking forests and mountains, to steam-punk tech areas, one will find everything in it, and the graphics quality never drops one bit. The action itself is mind-bogglingly spectacular too: from the trailer, it’s obvious that the heroes in the game have a vast and spectacular repertoire of spells and abilities at their disposal, with which they lay waste to legions of monsters, flinging them around like ragdolls and causing some serious general mayhem.

The character selection is quite impressive as well: besides the more traditional classes of Warrior, Magician and Fighter (not sure what the difference between Fighter and Warrior is…), there’s also a Gunner class, introducing firearms to hack and slash games possibly for the first time.

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