Saturday, May 17, 2014

Perfect World announces their new 3D MMORPG called Dawn of the Immortals, pre-registration now live

PC MMO game publisher Perfect World recently broke into the mobile gaming industry with the release of Elemental Kingdom onto Android. Now Perfect World has announced their newest game slated for release onto Google Play soon called Dawn of the Immortals and while Elemental Kingdom was a TCG style of MMO game, this new one is a full-fledged 3D MMORPG.

 While there isn't a whole lot of detail about this game currently available, Perfect World has set up the ability to sign-up for a newsletter that will come out with news and details about the game as it nears release. This also pre-registers you for the game itself and possible beta access. There is also a short preview teaser trailer to watch that shows off some of the in-game content, albeit there isn't a lot shown. We do get to see a glimpse of what the graphics and user interface will look like and it is pretty good. We do know some basic details about the content though such as there will be dungeons, epic boss fights, mounts and pets.

Pre-registering for the game and newsletter will also net you an exclusive in-game pet once the game launches in beta form. Of course you will keep the pet when the official release happens as well. If you are familiar with games released by Perfect World for the PC, then you might side with us when we say that we think this game is a spin-off or mobile sequel to their older games published for PC called War of the Immortals and Battle of the Immortals. It's a bit too early to tell but it's a pretty good guess. We will post an update when more details are released.

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