Saturday, April 19, 2014

Classic MMORPG Ultima Online May Get Released On Steam

If you have been playing MMORPGs for a long time, there’s a good chance that you know about Ultima Online, the online entry of the classic role-playing game series Ultima. The game has been tremendously influential, pretty much opening up the market for MMORPGs, which were non-existent before the launch of the game.

Broadsword Online Games, the team that’s taking care of the game right now, is trying to get Ultima Online on Steam. A new Steam Greenlight page is now available for it so make sure to let Steam know that you would be interested in purchasing the game is it ends up getting released on Valve’s store.

Ultima Online has been originally release back in 1997. Richard Garriott, the man behind the whole series, based the game on his own idea of having thousands of people play a role-playing game in a shared fantasy world.

Despite being an online game, Ultima Online continued the tradition of the previous Ultima games while adding several new features that have only been possible thanks to the technological advancements. The original game began with a single world, with expansion packs release after launch adding new territories, worlds, items, monster and much more.

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