Monday, September 2, 2013

MMOs you're looking forward to

There are two upcoming crowd-sourced MMOs in development coming out in 2014 that I think are really under the radar. I love SWTOR and plan on continuing to play it for some time, but I did back two upcoming games.

The first is Star Citizen. It is developed by the guy who gave us Wing Commander and Privateer. It features an offline single-player dog fighting campaign with voice acting, mo-cap, etc. But it also features a persistent MMO that looks like all the best features of Eve Online, but with much better combat. It is the most successful crowd funded product to date, but even then, it is only known to a small niche group of players. More and more stretch goals are unlocked all the time, just making the game that much better.

Shroud of the Avatar is also developed by an industry vet from Origin Studios, with offline single player play, online with friends only in your private instance, or full MMO style play.

This is a fantasy game that is a spiritual successor to the single player Ultima games and Ultima Online. There will be player owned shops, tons of crafting, player run cities, full guild on guild warfare, etc. They're also talking real consequence for PvP with bounties and possible full loot on kills.

Both of these games are fully funded and will be released no matter what, but additional funding makes the games better and you have the ability to pre-order them cheap with additional benefits now.

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