Monday, February 11, 2008

World of Warcraft Cheats

I thougt it was time to share some good old WoW Cheats.

All thease WoW Cheats have been taken from mmOverload

WoW Cheat: Buff your alts on the same account!

This video shows you how to buff your alts, twinks, or whatever! Hope you guys make good use out of it!!

WoW Cheat: Instant respawn in desolace

There's a centaur called "Warug" (the guy you need to talk to in the allegience quests there). This guy has bodyguards, and as of 2.3 they respawn almost instantly.

Every time I kill the last of the two, a new one spawns. The mobs are level 36

WOW Cheat: Hellfire Ramps "Last boss" " Exploit!"

A trick that can be done with DRUIDs only!

also found it that it works in HEROIC too!

I was runing The instance "Hellfire Ramps" on my druid when at the end boss i sudenly found this exploit or more of a trick actualy.. but i dont think its ment to be there!..

When your at the last boss there is 2 mobs at the start when you start killing them the boss on that dragon will fly around.. when the last one is killed it will land and the mob will apear and run towards who ever is closest.! mean while the dragon flys back and starts to bomb your group or you.!

now her is the trick!

Kill 1 of the mob and then attack the other one.. when the 2nd one is about to die you can shift out of what ever form your in and "HIBERNATE" the dragon! when the mob is killed he will be released and go back to landing and do what it does best. ! now the trick is that you have to do it in the right time,. right after the mob is killed you must "Hibernate" the dragon! if you do it in time and then he should be a sleep for a 20-30 sec time... you wont be in battle so you can rest and get ur mana and hp up and prepare for the fight insted of it landing right away and going into battle.!

When he lands and the fight starts he will be "IMMUNE" to the hibernating so dont try it after the guy has landed!

her is a screenshot of it when i did it!

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