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Review of Red Light Center - a free adult MMORPG

Red Light Center is a virtual playground, setup in a 3d environment, where people can chat, socialize with friends and have sex. RLC is also an interface to watch adult movies, enjoy some erotic pictures or to shop for kinky stuff, like lingerie and toys. It’s that mixture of social aspects, shopping and erotic entertainment that makes this title quite unique. It’s definitely time for a closer look at this game, although is’t actually more a social simulation or virtual reality space.

A virtual "Wallen" that's basically Red Light Center
The whole concept of A virtual "Wallen" that's basically Red Light Center comes from “The Wallen” in Amsterdam, the many strip bars, raunchy hotels and sex clubs made this place famous all over the world. Many people visit the Wallen, it’s always crowded with tourists, watching the women behind the windows, giggling about themselves being in such a naughty place. The idea of making this “Wallen experience” a virtual one, is definitely great, finally we can have a look behind all those closed doors and enjoy the strip acts from the anonymity of our own home.

A virtual "Wallen" that's basically RLC has potential
When you start with such a concept, simulating a red light district like The Wallen, expectations get really high. Does Red Light Center achieve to come close to the real thing? My answer would definitely be negative, is it fun anyway? Yes it is. Although I am not sure if RLC currently has enough replay value, even with the external content they have available for VIP members. But new features is constantly implementated, so I guess things will improve in the near future, I strongly believe Red Ligt Centerhas an enormous potential. However, they need to work on a couple of things, like a more engaging atmosphere, more detailed modelling work (especially the architecture and objects) and some more variations in avatars.

Roles within the community
Within the RLC metaverse, there are several roles and functions which are provided solely by currently active members of the RLC community.

Guide is the first role available for most members. Guides have the role of helping new members learn their way around, giving tours, answering questions, and helping with minor disputes.

Hosts and Hostesses take over where the guides leave off. The job of hosts and hostesses is to make new members feel welcome and to ensure that everyone has a good time. Hostesses help the members have a good time and party. They introduce new members to other members so they will get to know people sooner.

The next role is Leader, which is a promotion for those guides who have shown themselves to be seriously dedicated to helping the community. They now have the added responsibility of helping the guides, trying to settle disputes, and assisting the protectors in any way they can.

A Protector is the highest role that most members can reach. This is someone who has proven themselves to be very dedicated to the community; they are essentially moderators. Protectors are entrusted with helping the guides, leaders, and all the other members. Protectors step into situations that the leaders or others can't get under control. Protectors try to reason with members, and if after an ample amount of time and warnings, booting a member if needed.

Community Supervisor is the newest position. They are in charge of helping, training, and moderating the guides, recommending promotions, as well as assisting the leaders. They are leaders who have been promoted to this leadership position. They have the same roles as the leaders and guides, but with these added responsibilities. They also work closely with the protectors and Community Moderators.

Community Moderator was created in tandem with the growing amount of members joining the community. In addition to being protectors, community moderators are there to assist everyone. They help guides, leaders, and protectors with any problems or complaints they may have, and act as a main pipeline to the higher staff. They also help with members' complaints and problems. This is a growing position, and only the protectors that have truly proven themselves and made a definite mark in the community are considered for this role.

One last thing I want to mention here is the very personal welcome you get when you enter the world of RLC. There are guides, real employees of RLC, who will introduce you to the game world, explain the game controls etc… Thanks Philly for your patience and showing me around!

Lot’s of things to explore
Diversity in the sex animations, with a good animation anticipation system (animation tree)
A decent amount of people to chat with, or to do other things :-)
The game avatars look ok

The graphics lack atmosphere and detail, it's quite rough and basic, especially the buildings.
The erotic movies they offer, on external websites are very small

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7 kommentarer:

Sable on November 2, 2008 at 1:43 PM said...

Can there be homosexual relations in this game?

I am asking because I am a lesbian.

sQren on November 2, 2008 at 8:13 PM said...

you sure can. And there is no problems with gay wddings either. You can read alot moer about it here:

Anonymous said...

Hi, i was wondering if there is any danger of downloading the game.

As in virus threats. Especially with all the hidden porn viruses nowadays. After reading a few reviews I'm guessing it is pretty safe on that subject, but i just want to make sure.

Thank you ^__^

sQren on December 29, 2008 at 10:33 AM said...

There is no problem with Viruses when you download the game. As I understand it, only "red tube" have problems with viruses.

Anonymous said...

awesome, thank you very much.

sQren on December 29, 2008 at 7:49 PM said...

No Problem. If you need any help with Red Light Center this is a good blog to follow:

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