Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Let's Talk Mechanic Ideas

I often spend some free time thinking about ideas for MMOs that will never come out. I was wondering if anyone else would want to share ideas. Some of mine include:
  • Identifying Magical Items. I imagine it to be a sort of puzzle mini game. Identifying whether an item has any Spells or Abilities on it would be important to determining its value.
  • Having Spells/Abilities as enchants that are attributed to specific pieces of gear. This is my solution to having a classless system while maintaining diversity instead of giving every ability out.
  • (Sort of inspired by MTG and other card games) Different 'tokens' that are consumed for spells instead of a mana-type resource. Different kinds of spells might require a certain amount of tokens of one type or a ratio of two types. This idea is to give builds in a classless system more identity. Some skills might have different effects if they use different kinds of tokens.
  • These tokens would have purpose beyond spell resource such as Currency and Crafting Material.

Anyways, that's just a few of my thoughts. I think it'd be an interesting discussion to talk about ideas. What genius have you been cooking up? Share your vision or feel free to pick brains for insight!

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