Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Play World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft can be a fun and exciting game to play, but figuring out the right way to play it is a different story. There are many different ways you can play but learning a basic one is the best way to start out.

Character Creation
Start out by picking your server there are four types of different servers: PvE (player vs. environment), PvP (player vs. player), RP (role-playing), and RP-PvP (role-play Player vs. Player). Pick one that is going to be more you’re playing style Role Playing servers are for people that like to put more depth into their characters that they play. PvP servers are for people that like to fight against other players.

Once you have chosen your sever pick your side either Alliance or Horde. The Alliance are the supposed good guys. Whereas the Horde are the supposed bad guys once you have chosen your side Then choose your race, each race has their own traits that make them easy to play. Some races are better hunters, some are better mages. Read over each before you decide on which you want to play.

Questing and Leveling
Once your character is made you will want to pick up the quests in your area. These will be shown by yellow exclamation mark over the quest givers heads. Hitting M on your Keyboard will bring up a map and will also show you were they are. Quests will give you not only experience points (XP) but will also give you items, money and other rewards as well. If you complete all the quests in each area you are in then you will be able to achieve maximum XP and maximum level as well.

Fighting targets
To attack a target you will want to right click on or tab to select the closest one to you. Make sure that the target’s name is either colored yellow or orange. If it is grey you won’t receive xp from it and if it is red it is to high in level above you for you to kill. Once targeted you will use the corresponding number key on your keyboard to the spell or skill you want to use to attack it whether it be shooting it with and arrow or throwing a fire ball at it.

You can arrange your spells on your hot bar by clicking and dragging them around so they will do the most damage for you. Remember if you are not a priest to keep health potions and bandages around to heal yourself.

Make sure to use your trainers to help get better spells and abilities to fight with. Also make sure to learn trades from trainers as well such as. Cooking, Fishing, Tailoring, first aide, etc. Some will help you to take care of yourself while you are out questing and others will help you to make money for training.

Make sure you look over every bit of the game from your preferences to tweak your hot bar and key bindings to video and sound. Looking into each and every corner of the game will help to get to know it better.

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