Sunday, February 5, 2017

Graphic Tutorial: GLOWING EYES

1. First make a new picture. Whatever size you want. In this tutorial I will be making it 400 x 400.

2. Select your pen tool.

3. Zoom (cntrl +) in on the eyes of the object your editing.

4. Use the pen tool to circle the eyes of the image, starting and ending on the same dot.

5. Now that the paths are drawn, right click the layer and click "duplicate layer".

6. Now click the eye next to your original layer. This will make it invisible for now.

7. Now make sure you have the visible layer slected. Then right click the image and click "Vector Mask".

Your almost done!

Now your eyes should be floating.

8. Go ahead and click on the layer and choose "blending options".

9. Check off inner glow. Put opacity to 100%. The color to white. (Make the size however much you need for the eyes to be ALL white).

10. Next check off outer glow. Put the color to whatever color you want the eyes to glow. Put the technique to precise.(Again, for the size, play around with the amount until its what suits your liking.)

11. Click the eye by other layer to make it visible again, and CONGRATS!

Rate/comment. What do you need help on? What can i help clarify? etc. Thanks

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