Monday, February 20, 2017

Wildstar: A Special Mmorpg

Many of us love mmorpgs, It is a genre where we can all get together and have fun, take down bosses, face challenges together. Or fight to the death in player vs player combat, but many people are growing sick of subscription fees. And with many other mmorpgs going more and more to the side of pay to win. There aren't that many left that are just fun. This is where Wildstar comes in, a wacky Ratchet and Clank looking mmorpg with amazing gameplay, and great content. Many people find that the game is dead and will be gone soon, but that is not the case, with major updates like Power of the Primal Matrix coming out.

Wildstar is growing again, but it may not be enough, this game holds a special place in many mmorpg gamers hearts, and the last thing we want to see is the game deal with issues it doesn't deserve, Wildstar should and could be saved. It is free to play on steam and through the main client.

Hell, even our housing is great for anyone that is creative, people have made Bender ,Star destroyers, skate parks, battle stations, and so much more, even entire cities!

There is a ton of content, from epic raids, to amazing dungeons, to fun pvp, and most importantly, a dev team that is small, yet passionate, and dedicated to their IP.

Help us, the Wildstar community, come join us Cupcakes. Join the community, it's what really helps game, not tv ads or commercials, join today!

This is part of a small community effort.

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