Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trion admits that ArcheAge is P2W

Someone on Facebook asked the following question regarding the new Revelation pack for 150 dollars: "Are there packs available to buy for the fresh start servers? Or no to prevent people from having an advantage over each other?"

Trion's answer: "Great question -- No, this pack is for Legacy Servers only. The Fresh Start servers will have a different pack available at launch that's focused on cosmetics not power or P2W. We want to make sure everyone playing on the fresh start server has an even playing field."

Apparently they'll be adding the cash shop later after the new server releases. It's a shame, as Archeage could have been an amazing game! Archeage Alpha will always be a special gaming memory! It was one of the best MMO experiences i ever had. i didn't even bother playing the betas, i just kept playing on the alpha server.

Archeage without the p2w items would've been such an amazing mmo, the only thing that made me stop playing was the fact that you could no longer compete in pvp without dropping some serious cash.

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