Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Runewaker's Guardians of Ember Looks Awesome

If you haven't yet heard of Guardians of Ember, do not turn in your MMO expert diploma just yet: while the game has indeed been in development for some time by Runewaker, it has been kept under covers until it accomplished a state the publisher was happy with. Now that it has been uncovered, it looks like it will enter early access for testing purposes fairly soon. Judging by the screenshots released by the developer, the game is indeed in an advanced stage and it looks great. What it's looking to accomplish is a sort of hybrid experience between action RPGs (like Diablo III) and MMOs and - provided it does it well - it may indeed be on to something. Lots of people love Hack'n Slash action and Diablo III's popularity is living proof of that. Many of these fans would love to see more depth added to the game though and that's exactly what Guardians of Ember may provide through its MMO elements.

What exactly are we looking at though? Guardians of Ember offers a total of six classes and four races, and a handful of randomized dungeons, which allow for different settings on difficulty. There's also a solid crafting system at work, not to mention the housing component, which allows players to decorate their own dwelling the way they see fit. In addition to all that, there are ranked and unranked PvP options as well.

While most of the game features are already implemented, the team is ready to learn and to improve it in various ways. The main quest-line - which players can already embark on - provides some 30 hours of entertainment, and it can be explored with 5 of the 6 classes.

Another thing that's certain about Guardians of Ember: it will be buy to play.

Philip Thalberg works for GGnet, the world's top spot for Overwatch rankings and competitive gaming in general. 

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