Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Vendetta Online Gets Bug-fixes, "Ship Livery"

Guild Software, the company behind the space combat sci-fi MMORPG Vendetta Online, have recently released a new, maintenance version of the game, version 1.8.351, which is meant to iron out a number of bugs while adding a new feature. The new feature is apparently an independently configurable skin system called "Ship Livery" which is meant to allow players to customize their spaceships in previously unimaginable ways. More precisely, the new system will allow players to re-skin their ships, using a number of skins which are apparently expected to be produced by the community.

As ambitious as the new re-skin system is, for the time being, the developer has only managed to make it available for the Vulture ship. Obviously though, in subsequent game releases, the skinning system will become available for other ships, eventually covering the entire spectrum of space-vehicles featured in the game.

Ship Livery will be used as much more than just a way to allow players to customize their space-rides. According to a Guild Software announcement, the new feature will account for factors such as faction affiliation and accomplishments. Indeed, those who complete a special mission in the game will be able to pick up a special Livery, and eventually, such liveries may become available as cargo.

The "Ship Livery" button is currently reachable via the Ship Purchase menu, where it sits right next to the Color Picker.

As said above, besides the introduction of the Ship Livery, the update deals with a number of bugs too: ship scroll position and the list of commodities will henceforth be retained when the station interface is updated. Ship orientation will be retained as well when one attempts to change ships.

Version 1.8.351 is available for free for all registered players of the game.

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