Thursday, September 3, 2015

How Star Wars Battlefront Will Use Boba Fett

If you have been worried about how much control, the different types of weapons, and how many gadgets will be at Boba Fett’s disposal in Star Wars: Battlefront, we have some great news for you. New details have been released by EA and DICE that explains how the character can be played and the type of equipment that will be available to him in the game.

The new was posted on the Star Wars: Battlefront blog and this is where they speak about the types of weapons and arsenal that Fett will have in the game. According to senior producer Jamie Keen:

“As originally portrayed in the films, Boba Fett has a wealth of gadgets at his disposal but we only see him use a fraction of these in the films. There’s much more than the jetpack and blaster rifle going on. Boba Fett's got a disintegrator pistol, a flame pack in one arm, rockets, dart launchers, and even lasers. So there was a lot to choose from before we wound up with the final loadout.”

Players will have the ability to fly around the area to have a height advantage on their enemies. However, there will be a limit on how much of the jetpack will be available to gamers. For instance, in Pandemic’s Star Wars: Battlefront, Boba Fett’s jetpack will only have so much fuel and then he will have to recharge.

In Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Boba and Jango Fett were greatly outnumbered by the Jedi and Sith in the game. The largest problem was that the blasters did not do enough damage to the Jedi and characters like Yoda and Obi Wan were able to force pull enemies to them and there were not much opponents could do to stop it. However, Boba Fett did have access to all of his pistols, rockets, EE-3 Carbine, mines and the flamethrower but it was not a match for the Jedi.

The in the new game is seems like DICE has configured it where Boba Fett can actually take down Jedi with a few well-placed shots. The entire point of playing as the Mandalorian is to use his large cache of gadgets to out-maneuver and outwit his opponents.

What are your thoughts on Boba Fett in Star Wars: Battlefront?

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