Sunday, September 16, 2012


Dont know how long is going to last but right now. Theres and NM call Atomos that pops in few camps. Upon Killed the NM drops a Voidstone that you can examine and might give you. Over aspect crystals. If you manage to collect 4 of them they can be turn into 1000 GC Seals. You can stack GC seal to 50000 IF YOU HAVE THE LAST RANK. Well long story short heres the break down.

With the gc seals buy Down Drops from the GC vendor in uldah is Flame SGT Rahz.
10 down drops = 15 seal

when you sell a stack of 99 drops to the npc you will get 12,375 gil

1000 seals will allow you to purchase 666 drops

666 drops X 125gill = 83,333 gil so if you stack 50k GC SEALS you will end up with 4.5M gil

PS process is long but it works and lol i have nothing better to do

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