Friday, October 19, 2012

Gold Inflation and Economy in Mist of Pandaria

As we all are aware, the inflation of gold has be ever so rising over the past few expansions. However personally i believe the prices of gold will go up, aswell as the value of gold itself. Blizzard has implemented many new ways to spend gold that will completly remove it from the economy, which in turn will then increase the value of the "Gold Coin" I'm sure most of you are aware of the new "Black Market Auctionhouse" I have been watching the items going in and out very closely and i have also noticed the prices being paied for these items are extremely high. Some pieces of heroic/pvp gear sell upwards 200k. We must realize that once somebody buys this BoP epic for 200,000 gold, thats two hundres thousand gold that has been taken out of the game all togeater. Your average warcraft player will most likely never reach a total of 200k simply because it just takes alot of work. Personally i have gold cap on two toons. (More blogs will be posted in the future about this aswell) 

People who are selling massive amounts of gold for Real life money want to be the only ones doing so, to ensure less competion and be able to raise the price for their gold. The only way we can form a monopoly is if we remove wow gold from the game, thus gold will me more valueable, in turn, prices will rise. If you can remember back in Wrath when the Travers Mammoth mount came out, gold values went up by about 40 cents per 1k. We can refer to this as proof that the prices of gold will go up, as gold is removed out of the game. Also since this is the beginning of a new expansion, many players do not have the time to farm gold for the gear they wish to purchase, or the mounts they wish to buy. Therefore, they will turn to goldsellers for this much needed gold. My prediction for the prices of gold during this expansion will form a parobla figure. (Think of a upside down U) Prices of gold starts low, or at a standared price, then contnuie to rise and rise and rise. Eventually it will meet a standstill and will contnuie to drop when the next expansion is announced or when it is coming close to release. As of right now its a sellers market, take advantage of it. Blizzard is trying to remove as much gold from the economy of warcraft, which is also a major interest in the eyes of a gold seller.

All of this information should be absorbed by the community as a whole, and we can use it to our advantage to make tons of gold ingame, and a decent amount of money in real life aswell. In order to find these ways we can make gold and manipulate the prices of it. First we must find out how it is brought into the game.

The major ways in which gold comes into the economy are as follows:
  • Looting it directly from a mob
  • Receiving it as a reward from a quest
  • Selling an item to a vendor
  • Indirectly through looting as a result of the Cash Flow guild perk

On the other side of the equation, gold leaves the economy primarily in these ways:

  • Purchasing an item from a vendor
  • AH fees (expired posting fees, AH cut)
  • A character is deleted while still possessing some gold
  • Item repairs, learning skills, essentially – any NPC interaction that costs gold. (Black Market Auction House)

Personally i believe the inflation of gold will drop in mist of pandaria and this will be extremely beneficial to players with extreme amounts of gold in the game. My advice is to hold on and horde the shit out of your gold as long as you can.

There is one more variable we must look at when talking about inflation of gold aswell and im sure most of you are already aware of it, Botting. More and more players contnuie to learn how to "Bot" as the game expands and ideas and as people tell one another about botting. Here are a few effects that Bots have on the game as a whole:

Well lets look at the obvious negatives first cause this is what people will really be pointing out:

  • Botting is against the rules of the game and covered under the exploiting clause of the games ToU agreement.
  • Botters are pretty much on every server and their characters ninja from the people that actually farm themselves.
  • Accounts that are used for botting are often accounts used by real people that are hacked for the amount of gold on the account already.

Now lets look at the other side, yep the unfortunate positive:
  • Botters provide the ah with a lot of base materials needed for craft (flowers, gems, fish, ore, and even cloth)
  • Botters competing with other botters actually drives the price of these materials down so it's actually affordable (honestly if they weren't there I imagine the price of elementium ore would probably be at 200g or higher per stack of 20)

We know that botters will contnuie to lower prices of items in the auction house, which may lower the prices of gold, but this is just a part of the game we should start to get useto and work around. Botting has been around for years and will stay for a very, very long time. As the years go by more and more advanced bots are created that are harder to track, and work better and better. (Think of Glider, now think of ShadowBot) This obviously has a major impact on the inflation of gold aswell.

Everything listed in this Blog will have an effect in one way or another on the inflation of gold and the value of gold in Mist of Pandaria. However I do believe when we put everything togeather inflation will not rise for atleast 6 months, and we can see a rise in the sales of gold, the prices of gold, and the value of gold. If you have any questions or want to discuss any of these ideas, feel free to send me a pm!

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