Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Runescape: Pyramid Plunder-Massive Thieving EXP

Pyramid Plunder is something that some people know, and some dont. We all know that thieving is a pain to level... so this will help you a bunch.

21 thieving at least
Food, about 1 monkfish per 2 trips
Super antipoisons 1 dose a trip
Cat, Kitten or overgrown... doesn't matter (only if you have not started Icthlarin's little helper)
2 full waterskins
200 coins
Tinderbox (only if you have not started Icthlarin's little helper)
Light robes (desert, slave, ghostly, etc.)
Ability to survive in the desert
43+ prayer recommended
Reduced: 95% of original size [ 673 x 264 ] - Click to view full image

1. Go to shantay pass... and take the magic carpet to polly.

2. Run to the quest icon above the city "Sophanem"
Reduced: 83% of original size [ 766 x 579 ] - Click to view full image

3. Talk to the strange person there, make sure you have your cat out, she will get angry. Eventually she will say that she will help you if you give her a full waterskin and a tinderbox

4. You will end up in a city being attacked by locusts, run to the minigame icon, it looks like a red quest star.
Reduced: 83% of original size [ 766 x 624 ] - Click to view full image

5. Keep going in until you see a mummy, it will take a few tries, and it will spit you out of one of the random 4 entrances. Keep on clicking the one that you appear in front of.

6. When you eventually see the mummy, right click, and do start minigame.
Reduced: 83% of original size [ 766 x 624 ] - Click to view full image

7. Before you move, look at the walls in the entryway, there will be holes, and the option to pass it.
Reduced: 83% of original size [ 766 x 624 ] - Click to view full image

8. It is in intervals of 10, starting from 21. For example, it goes 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, etc. Go to the interval before your current level. If you are level 46 go to the level 31, and so on.

9. To get to the next room, you should see 4 doors scattered throughout the room. One of these will take you to the next area. NEVER use the one that has white. This will take you outside, which will reset everything.
Reduced: 83% of original size [ 766 x 624 ] - Click to view full image

10. Start searching the urns and ONLY THE URNS If you get bitten and your character says "Ow!" don't click that one again. If it says you are poisoned, use your anti pot. You will not poisoned anymore throughout the time you are in the pyramid. Just only use it if you see it say "You are poisoned!"
Reduced: 83% of original size [ 766 x 624 ] - Click to view full image

11. Once all of the urns are looted, go to the chest in the middle, we will not be opening the sarcophagus, the risks outweigh the benefits. There is a chance some scarabs will come out of the chest, and attack rapidly. This is where food and prayer comes in.
Reduced: 83% of original size [ 766 x 624 ] - Click to view full image

12. Go to the next room, this is the one that is your level range. Do the same thing as stated above, and once 5 minutes are up, you will be taken out of the pyramid.

13. Rinse and Repeat!

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