Friday, July 17, 2009

News mail from IGE

Second batch of loyalty pay-out was made last week. Congratulations again to our partners who recently received their pay!

Warhammer Online Updates
Warhammer Online recently announced another round of free transfers urging players to leave a variety of North American servers in favor of other existing servers. Following the announcement, it is likely that 5 more servers are shutting down – this would leave 9 active North American servers, down from over 50 servers earlier this year. However, producers of Warhammer continue to work on improving the game with several key goals that will serve as their guide in the months ahead.

Other Gaming News
Recently there was a big news regarding the recent banning of virtual currency industry in China. Perhaps some of you are wondering if such banning might affect the industry. I want to ensure all you that this news has nothing to do with MMO currency or gold farming in general.

The said banning is mainly for QQ coins, China’s most popular virtual currency which can be traded for real goods. The trade of this currency becomes so pervasive that the Chinese government fears it will affect the real economy, thus the said restrictions.

Rest assured that still leads the industry and our affiliate program continues to grow from strength to strength. There might be cases where there are industry-wide shortages which happens during Chinese New Year or during periods of patch upgrades, however, we are always prepared of such event and we keep our affiliates informed about this.

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