Monday, November 10, 2008

Chinese Prison Studio

Many new employment opportunities appeared because of the development of Online Games.
This should be a good thing for China which has a large population base. However, working as a professional player becomes a quite controversial career. Is this working opportunities really helpful to the social employment problem and the sustainable development?
A crazier job has showed up even before the calm down of this argument.

A prison warden of Heilongjiang province, China started a Prison Studio named DNF with a boss of a local gaming studio. Each day three shifts of prisoners taking turns to receive this new form of reformation in this studio. Their payment is one additional ham and a piece of bread.
Let’s forget about if it is right, legal and ethical to do this first. It is way too cheap for them to hire these prisoners.

Let’s do a math: if there’re three groups of prisoners doing the power leveling with 20 people in each group, and the average wage for a player in a normal studio is 1000 RMB ($146) per month, then for 60 people the total is 60,000RMB ($8777). While the cost of a ham and a piece of bread is 1RMB ($0.146), for 60 people their total wage for a month is 1800RMB ($263).

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