Thursday, December 14, 2023

Wayfinder Ushers in the Festive Season with a Massive Patch and Holiday Event

As the holiday season approaches, "Wayfinder," developed and published by Airship Syndicate, is set to bring festive cheer to its players with a significant update. The game, which has recently seen Airship Syndicate take on both development and publishing roles, stealth-launched its 0.2 patch, also known as Eventide, ahead of a special winter holiday event scheduled for Friday.

The Eventide Patch - A Sneak Peek

The 0.2 patch, or Eventide, was softly launched to allow players to test it before its formal release. This update is substantial, introducing an array of enhancements and new features to "Wayfinder." The patch includes the new awakening system for Wayfinders and weapons, a revamp of Senja, the addition of five new weapons, and a comprehensive weapon rebalance. Additionally, players can expect improvements in Wayfinder visuals, enemy AI, visual upgrades across multiple zones, better loot drops, dyeable weapons, and XP rebalancing.

A Winter Holiday Event to Remember

Starting Friday, "Wayfinder" will host its first core live event, Eventide, celebrating the winter holiday season. This event promises a mix of gifts, revelry, and unique holiday-themed content, including quests, challenges, cosmetics, bosses, expeditions, and music, all running through January 12th. The festive atmosphere is set to provide a delightful experience for players, immersing them in a world of holiday-themed adventures.

A Commitment to Improvement and Community Feedback

Airship Syndicate expressed excitement for players to engage with the new content, viewing it as a fresh start for "Wayfinder." The positive shift in Steam reviews to Mostly Positive has bolstered the team's morale, and they are committed to realizing the game's potential based on player feedback. The studio hinted at more content drops in 2024, including a surprise currently under development, showcasing their responsiveness to community input.

Availability and Technical Requirements

The update is currently available on Steam, with the studio awaiting PlayStation approval for the patch. Console players are reassured that they won't miss out on the holiday event, as it hasn't started yet. Notably, the game now requires an SSD on PC, reflecting the technical enhancements that come with the patch.


"Wayfinder's" latest update and the upcoming holiday event mark a significant milestone for the game and its community. The Eventide patch not only brings a host of improvements and new content but also sets the stage for a festive and engaging holiday season in the game. With Airship Syndicate's commitment to player feedback and continuous development, "Wayfinder" is poised for an exciting year ahead, starting with a holiday celebration that promises to be both fun and rewarding.

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